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FWIW, we don't support multi-file p8 games in Argon yet, but we would like to. Are you open to questions if we run into issues when we work on that down the line? (Send us your email address via social media or similar if so). We're using fake08 with some extra pre-processing as the core at the moment.

That did the trick!  Works fine in Argon. The graphics flicker a bit when drawing, but I saw that in other emulators as well (ie, OpenEMU on a Mac). Probably wouldn't be noticeable on actual hardware

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FYI - the download link gives a 404 error... Looking forward to trying it out!

It is possible to do multi-cart P8 games to work around the limitations. Sort of like overlays, or even bank switching ;-) We've been looking for a game that implements that we can work with to also support in Argon. We're using fake08 with some extra pre-processing as the core.

Thank you!

Tested out in Argon on Pixel 7 (Android phone) and NVIDIA Shield (Android TV). Pictures attached...

TV has pixel smoothing on, phone has it off...

In some ways, find it harder than the NES version!

Found it. Tested it... Works great in Argon!

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Is there a .gbc file available? Would love to play/test it in our emulator...

Nice to see you doing PCE - Congrats!

This is fun! Is it a native Atari 8-bit game?

Love the music!

Some feedback and possible issue... On the title screen, you can't seem to start the game via start or fire button (which is what I'd normally expect). However you can walk to the right to start the game (maybe have a blinking arrow to suggest that, or text?)

 The first time I played the game, I walked off the screen to the left, the character disappeared, and that seemed to confuse the game. At that point you couldn't get the character back on the screen, are stuck, and need to reset the game.

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Will do - by the way, nice to see color in emulation!

The boxed version looks great! If you (or bitmapsoft) would like to do a digital release (for Google/Amazon/Microsoft app stores), please DM us (same ID on twitter,IG, Facebook).

The start of a Gauntlet ;-)

Thanks for implementing Atari Lynx auto-shooting, and also for remembering the  controller style choice as part of the cart save data! Kudos!

(We implemented that in Argon recently -- if you have an Android/Amazon/Win11 device, DM us on social media (FB/Twitter/IG) and we can set you up!)

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Thanks! I got used to jump being 2nd fire button from the various Atari/Coleco/Intellivision/etc versions. New version improved my score ;-)


If you aren't planning to use the O button for something else, perhaps you could have that as an additional way to jump?

Could be the start of a cool pico-8 game!

Thanks for releasing the demo – reminds me (in a great way) of Rocket Bunnies (2010 era Android/iOS game).

Was just trying it out in Argon as we're working on pico8 compatibility and working thru various issues/bugs.

Is there a way to message you directly? You can reach me personally (Brian Hall) as bhall408 on most social media sites, lexaloffle, linkedin, etc, or markspaceinc for the Argon/company accounts on same.

Here it is running in a pre-release build of Argon. If you'd like us to add it to the pre-loaded free play games, see for the form to submit (that way we get all the correct credits/meta-data), or just send us a private message on social media.

This is fun - love the physics. Being water based reminds me of the game sprinkle.

Any plans to release the .p8.png file? Would love to try it in an emulator we are adding P8 support to (Argon)

Fun (if simple) game! We've been using it to test upcoming GBA support in Argon... Could we include it in our free play section? You can DM us on Facebook/twitter/ig - I didn't find a way to contact you other than this comment section.

Nice demo! Can you post the p8 file for play via emulators? Would like to try it out in one we are working on...

Is the cart file available for download and use in an emulator?

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Request - if up arrow is not used for game play, allow that as a 2nd way to rotate the block order. That way you could play all arrow keys/d-pad.

A very nice take on this classic. The little messages when you eat a snack are a nice touch.

Did see one typo ("loose" where it should be "lose")

Also echo the request for a p8 file to play on desktop/mobile apps.

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Both this and the predecessor (Krow) are perhaps the best examples of lynx sprite scaling out there. The graphics are mesmerizing. Look forward to this (or even better, Krow) moving to finished status one day! So close!

A++ for originality. Where did the idea for this one come from ?!?

I think AtariGamer has been hanging out with Dr. Ludos! (since this is out there like Growing Ties is!

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While the cover art reminded me of PaperBoy, game play reminds me of a weird mash-up of Frogger/Preppie and the indie 2600 game "Doggone it!" (by ArmScar Coder)... Whoa...

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The penguin min-game would be an interesting starting point for a stand-alone game, and/or as a Pico-8 game!

Sweet - love it!

Groovy music, if it isn't already on Spotify, it should be!

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Music and graphics are great. The gameplay is quite difficult (as flappy bird). Perhaps allow for an option other than "flap"? B button for a 1/2 strength flap and/or d-pad left to slow down a bit?


Looked like it could have been Pico8. That would be a nice port!


Was great to see you and Ooze at Game On Expo!

Look forward to the enhanced version based on all the feedback you got.

Keep 'oozin!

See you there - we'll be showing Argon at our booth! Could show your demo if you'd like... 

Not surprising, but had to ask ;-)

Unity gets you some other neat platform possibilities - Switch, iiRcade, Atari VCS, etc.

Will Sporebody end up on NES as well?

If you'd like to publish the GB version on Google Play, ping me!