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Nice! Appreciate the "interactive" version, it was a fun way to read it.

As to content - love how many of the games covered I learned about here. Good work. Cool to see some of the more exotic ideas, such as the game that is being developed to be intentionally stretched to 16:9. We could certainly support that in Argon!

Love the NES version, so this is pretty exciting!

Can you post the .p8 file as well? Would be great to try it in emulation...

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Off to a great start!  Nice scrolling. Looking forward to an update with sound.

Here it is in Argon...

Yes, we can enable artifacting by setting a flag on the server for a particular game. That would get the arttifacted color, at the expense of the text characters then looking blurry. Another approach you could  look into would be to use the antic graphic modes that are 4 color without artifacting (the pixels are 2 color clocks wide, and 1 scan line tall). ie, Antic mode $E

Have tried it on Argon (emulator for Android) and it mostly works -- it would help to have a new wave of enemies automatically generate rather than needing the space bar to trigger that (which would also then make it "couch compliant")

Funny, the first time I played it, I thought I was the ship on the bottom, not the top ;-)

Look forward to a version with sound!

What a great homage to an Atari 8-bit classic (what brought me here to check it out!)

We bring it to phones, tablets, TVs, chromebook and desktop. We pre-load games where developers have given us permission. So no searching for ROMS, cores, BIOS, controller settings, etc.  it is zero-config. Our goal its to bring retro gaming (and eventually Pico-8 as part of that) to a much wider audience!

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Thanks! That is useful for emulators... We're planning on adding Pico support to Argon later this year...

Nice! Can you make the .p8 file available as well?

Wow! Very nice! And thanks for posting the .p8 - great for emulators!

For the Atari 8-bit, you could also consider a bank-switched cartridge format to go even further in size. Ditto for requiring larger floppy and/or hard disk for data files. Either of those would still run on original hardware, or with ease in emulators.


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The graphics are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing! Looking forward to the full game!

Did find one issue - the game as posted will hang if you press the "2" button during gameplay (both OpenEMU and Argon -- did not try on actual hardware yet). Maybe that is meant to pause the game, but isn't picking up the 2nd press to unpause?

Very nice!

Suggestion - perhaps rename what is now "power" to "damage"? On my first plays I thought it was more like "fuel" and I had to find more. "damage" seems to be more what the mechanic is (you can only go off track so many times)

Glad to see it may be worked on again!

Is the one posted here different from the 2019 build?

Cute! Love the family/team effort!

Somehow I missed the instructions on the first play, but saw them at the end of the game (cats bad, flowers good ;-)

Tested it with Argon (supports mapper 30, and is on Google Play) and it works well.

Sound and screen shake would for sure let you know something happened. Then on top of that it would be nice to have a visual indicator as to where it is (unless you think that is a beneficial game mechanic for you to have to scan/hunt for it - perhaps it is?)

We'd love to have it in either the free play or premium sections of Argon -- drop us a line when ready!

Off to a great start! Works fine in Argon. The first time I played, I found the jump distance quite challenging, but on subsequent plays, I'd figured it out. Also, the first time I played, I found I needed more of a hint when the door opened. Perhaps something could draw your attention to the fact that the door opened and where it is? Perhaps a "pop" sound like in Boulder Dash, and a flash over the door?

That is a cool idea -- perhaps keep adding 1 enemy per level until you get overwhelmed..

Maybe from Krampus instead...

Like the sprite scaling on Santa! The way the credits are handles is a good touch (feedback -- has one bit of French in the otherwise English text... Retour...)

And what we have here is... A Santa Boss fight... Whoa...

Groovy music. The first levels are trivial, but it starts ramping up much faster after that. Nice.

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Wow - this is alot of fun and super polished!  I appreciated the early levels showing you the game mechanics, and the appearance of an old friend in later levels. WOW!

One more reason for us to add NES and NESMaker support to Argon sooner rather than later!

Ah, found it on Lexaloffle..

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Is it possible to download a pico-8  "cart" version? Would like to play it on a player in Android...

Nice to see this as a follow on to the 2600 version!

When you say it is a simplified port, was that by choice? Or did you have less room to groove with Pico-8 vs a bank switched 2600 game?

Thanks! I was just about to email you about that ;-)

Great to see an update

Glad to see you doing Pico-8!