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This game is okay. It gets boring after a while of doing the same thing the whole game. You get a sword, defend the chickens from the same skeletons and hit the chest for a upgrade using coins. There needs to be more to this game.


WAIT! There is more than one ending?!

I wish you could craft stuff so there would be more to the game. Good game anyway.

Same for me as well but after walking forward awhile I saw the land but the demon had to kill me in order to get on it (I was actually under the map and couldn't get up).  After that I was able to continue even after beating the game.  I found some weird things and the people I killed were ghosts I think. Idk. But it would've been easier if I restarted all the way back home rather than having to walk a big way just to get killed.  One more thing that was odd is that the boss spawned at the same place even though I beat him meaning I could beat the game a second time in the same file. Lol.

Please fix this error.

I was halfway through the game when I read the Layton note but when I tried to back out it glitched and things went black, green, and red. Also I was stuck. I ended up having to restart the game.