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That was fun and scary at the same time.

Smooth gameplay, great graphics and love the concept of the game.

A 5 minutes gameplay, smooth gameplay, great graphics and creepy atmosphere. Rated 5/5.

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Probably one of the scariest game of all indie horror game. I had screaming the whole time and more death counts, the chased scene gives me chills and the sounds were very terrifying. I also survived the entire chapter of the game and puzzles were challenging too. Graphics were neat and tidy and had very high graphics. Smooth and playable in 60fps. Great game overall!

A 30 minutes gameplay, smooth gameplay that can run in 60fps, sounds were terrifying that gives me chills, a mixture of being a garbage job collector and a driving simulator. Graphics is neat and well done. Great game overall!

Smooth gameplay running in 60fps. Black and white graphics is epic just like the high graphics. Sound/Music and water area gives me chills. Graphics were very cool and fun to explore. Great game overall!

My graphics were set to medium (since I have gtx 1050) and cannot run well in ultra high, very high or high graphics.  Smooth gameplay that can run in 60fps, music were terrifying that I got chills, a 15 minutes alpha gameplay and levels and designs were well made. Great game overall! 

Another silent hills pt vibes. Creepy atmosphere, hallways, voice dialogues and smooth gameplay. Overall great game!

The chased one probably at the end.

Funny game (notes, 100 police), got a bad ending, killed all the rats for no reason, good graphics and smooth gameplay. Good game. Rated 5/5.

Creepy game! I liked it and the dialogues. Great game!

I got ending A. The arts and design are great and well-context. Dialogues and voice over are good too. Great game!

I got 2/3 endings and fun to explore. Good vhs horror game!

Creepy atmosphere and jumpscares.  Smooth gameplay too. Great game!

Cool game, smooth gameplay and creepy.  I'm losing my mind at the end. Good game! 

Smooth gameplay, creepy atmosphere, low sensitivity, sprint could be much faster, fun to explore, but I still liked it. Great game!

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Dialogues are great, creepy atmosphere, fun to explore, the stuck fish got me depressed and video is funny and satisfied to watch. Great game!

Smooth gameplay, love reading notes and creepy game. Great game!

Smooth gameplay, great graphics and cool story. Great game!

About the puzzle thing, I used to take notes in my notebook lol xd.

Puzzles were too difficult, although I manage to finish it in time. A 30 minutes gameplay, motions movement were fine and creepy game. Good game!

Very interesting game! Feels like adventure and survival horror game. Smooth gameplay too and good graphics. Great game!

The escape scene was intense. Smooth gameplay and good graphics. Good game!

Cool and creepy at the same time. Jumpscares really get me. Smooth gameplay, great graphics, few challenges (dodges spikes). Great game!

Creepy atmosphere, smooth gameplay, short game and got me freaked out from the tv,  bathroom and hallway. Great game!

Short and creepy game! Great graphics, smooth gameplay and few puzzle to solve. Great game!

Cool and short game. Graphics was good, smooth game, creepy lurking/exploring the forest, good static radio broadcast, voice acting was good too. Great game!

Creepy atmosphere, chase scene was intense, good graphics and smooth gameplay. Great game!

Creepy atmosphere, smooth gameplay, good graphics and unexpected ending. great game!

Good game! Nicely done! Got 2 endings (unfinished business and captured).

This game is so cool. I like the background theme, song, boss, guns, everything is just awesome! Cool horror theme. Great game!

Great game! Intense game and good graphics!

Cool game! I like exploring things around the dungeon and great graphics!

Creepy hallway, love reading notes and have great loop.  Great game!

Very interesting to read documents and explore places. The last part was scary, but I still keep going. Great game!

Creepy but exciting with great atmosphere. Great game!

Very well done visual story, 30-mins gameplay. Great game!