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What makes the deluxe version different from the full version?

Is the art uncensored?

so the art will remain AI generated then or not?

Is the art completely uncensored?

Are the art and animation uncensored?

I’m curious, why is the art still censored?

How is progress on negotiating for the uncensored version?

The art doesn’t look HD, because of the censorship.

Why is the art still censored anyway? It doesn’t normally happen when eroges are released to the west.

What's the story?

Will this game be android only or will it come to PCs?

Why is the art censored?

The art is completely uncensored, victory!

Okay but what about Amy herself?

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You convinced me, I’m going to play it. What about female pubic hair?

Haven’t played it yet, is her virginity ever brought up?

What about having the censorship removed?

What animator?

Is Amy supposed to be a virgin or not?

There is nothing good about the art, it’s censored.

Will the censorship be removed from the art eventually?

so the patch will arrive in a few months or later?

what age rating would you give this visual novel and for what content?

But they’re not selling the English version in Japan, which means the art should be uncensored.

Okay, what about making the older ones uncensored?

You could make the uncensored version for the west only.

Why is the art censored?

Why is the art censored?

Does it have a gallery?

What about character profile?