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Getting a "can't download" message on my phone. Something is wrong with the android version

lol my bad

(1 edit)

Visually I love it but its not very intuitive. Im honestly stuck but its such a simple game I don't mind experimenting with it.

The grammar and syntax is pretty broken, I would suggest some light editing.

Overall Im interested and will be watching. If you need an editor hit me up I work for free

edit: Also it eould be excellent if the intro was skipable. 

first off I love this game. Its incredibly well polished and I am a huge fan

secondly there are some minor typos and grammatical mostakes, Ive been working as an editor for free in my spare time and if you think you would benefit from my services I would love to work on this game. 

I guess I understand. Though Ive seen some pretty short games here on itchio. I love the art style btw, very unique to the lewd games scene. The two minute wait for battles though really brings me back to the dial up days in a bad way.  Gonna be watching though. good luck!

I had an issue with the game and the developer promptly responded. I had written a pretty strongly worded comment about the state of the game and I got a very gentlemanly response addressing my issues. So thanks. Developer is a cool cat

why..why on gods green earth would you implement a system where you have to wait two minutes for a battle to commence?

can we get a v. version for android please?  The art style looks great and would love to try the game

Ruin Me community · Created a new topic Need an editor?

First off, excellent writing in this story. I am currently doing gig work as an editor for adult games, I am mostly naturalizing for non-native english writers. But I love this story and honestly with the -extremely- low amount of errors Ive noticed thus far you may not even need an editor. But if you want someone on the loghten the load I am experienced with editing .txt files and wouldnt mind perusing through your work and fixing light errors.  My discord is on my profile page if you are interested.

Hey Im Mark, Im providing my services as an editor. I'd be glad to offer my services in naturalizing the english in this game for you. I work only for exposure in the form of being credited in game as Im trying to build up a portfolio of work. If you are interested please message me on Discord @MarkGraw #2293

my bad I recently changed it. Like yeaterday morning lol. I sent the request 

#2293. Ill give you my email on discord!

Hey Bunis,

Im trying to get experience as an editor for online games. Either for naturalization purposes for foreign game producers or for folk who just need it. Right now I work for free and would like to talk to you about editing this for you since theres some basic typos and gramatical that would be really easy for me to fix. I only ask to be credited so I can build up a body of work.

you can contact me through discord @CMMiguess or any other way you see fit. Hoping to hear from you