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This was a cool spooky cleaning simulator

This is an interesting demo and I can't wait for more! 

This is a great game, I really enjoyed playing it and after the video I played for more endings!

Another great Fears to Fathom game, can't wait until the next one!

This was a lot of fun! great game! 

This was an awesome game and fun experience, thank you for making it and I look forward to more games from you in the future.

This was a very interesting game, I was hoping for multiple endings like a certain alien themed game you made but this was neat.

Another amazing game Lixian! Keep it up brudda always fun and interesting games 

Its is a very odd but also really good game and I wouldn't mind a sequel with levels and more puzzles.

Great promotional game, looking forward to more and the full game

This was a fun, interesting game with an unexpected ending.

Great concept and execution for this game, keep up the awesome work! Look forward to more of your games!

This game was awesome, I really had a good time playing it. Awesome work! 

Had me thinking this was some kind of Fight Club kind of thing happening. I'll keep an eye out for your future games! 

This was an interesting game, I liked the premise a lot and enjoyed the journal entries as I read them!

Really cool game, loved the sense of dread

Interesting game, enjoyed the experience! 

Very chill game, interesting story, wish there were more 

Great horror game, atmosphere was spooky and got a good scare!

Looking forward to the sequel

Spooky and well made 

This game was really fun and engaging once I got into it, really spooky! 

This game has been awesome and really fun to play through so far, I can't wait until Chapter 5 comes out. I just finished streaming Chapter 4 on YouTube and am excited to see where my choices lead to eventually before playing through again. I chose Keen and Powerful Build, but next playthrough I'm really curious about talking with animals. Thank you for making such an awesome game!

Great job Lixian, a fun and spooky experience!

Really cool game and a great addition to the analog horror genre! 15:09 in the video for Home Invasion

Interesting game, I liked some of the map design and the use of the phone for messages. Timestamped at 6:15

Loved the tank controls and it was a fun and creepy experience. Its the first game in my video

This game has low res charm and a story that caught my interest from the start. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of your games and future projects.

I've only played two of your games and both have been awesome experiences. Sorry I butchered pronouncing your name. 

Look forward to your future games! 

This was another fun great game, highly recommend it, also as always, awesome music to set the tone. 

This was a fun and interesting experience, I will admit ya got me with the scares. 

I really liked the ending of this game and I had a fun time playing it. Its at 5:15in my video

This game was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. Some reason I had a good time making up characters to be at the stop with the creep. Starts at 9:55

Possibly my favorite game in the Poop Killer Trilogy.

I can't believe I trusted him again with a toilet. I'll never make that mistake again. Pretty good, I will definitely be playing Poop Killer 3

Spectacular game, hilarious and horrifying. 

Thank you for watching and subscribing!

I can't wait until the full game, this was a great horror game experience. I hate that I have to depend on a flash as my only light source which means that's amazing and scares me that I'm in the dark and have to flash and wait to see. Look forward to more and your future projects!

Very interesting game, I like the ARG-ish elements and was really glad I played it twice, starts at 6:52