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Hotfixes (current version is technically 0.998b): 

  • due to corrupted files.. Punk Hacker and Rigger playbooks were replaced; notes above updated to reflect restorations. 
  • clarification.. dots in the special actions do not contribute directly to any attribute rating. New visual indicator on Mage and Techno playbooks should help to imply these are separate.

Yes, some became available just a couple hours ago. 

PS My fault for missing last month, I just got sidetracked and the month ran away from me while I was waiting for proofing of this major update to finish. Stay tuned on the blog here to get immediate notifications in the future, and thanks for asking

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Comments from playtesters

"I prefer the way it works in Blades because it's known and easy to follow. It gives an almost numerical value that lets the player quickly understand and cuts down on the need for negotiation."

"I’ve been playing Fistful of Darkness and my group and I often get caught up using Blades terminology—even the GM—which is mostly confusing to the one player that had never played Blades."

"Yes, I prefer the way it works in Blades. Just familiar." 

In light of this, I decided to modify the approach to determining effect and position - and leave the underlying system of controlled/risky/desperate as is. Now players will say what they are doing, and the GM will clarify if needed "What do you hope to do? And what do you most fear will go wrong if you fail?"

Thank you kindly.

Almost done! I am excited to unveil this much lighter version of the game

I detected a little harshness, but I'm nonetheless interested in helping remedy whatever is unclear.  Maybe something like this helps?  Not sure what else about the factors can be communicated with a diagram to be honest. Trying :)

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thanks for the feedback. Additional visuals are being prepared. Perhaps I should do some more than Blades did in this case. An illustration of the factors (potency, scale, and quality/tier) seems do-able. What do you wish it showed?

Anything else you thought needed an illustration?

Edit: Also I'm curious if you are a player or GM?

Yea, that too. But I guess I just want to remove the word controlled from the discussion, but still keep the possibility for an outcome to be prolonged by trying again in certain situations (when they enjoy a definitive fictional advantage of course).

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> The way you read it

..Is not what i said, but maybe I wasn't articulate enough. I guess I will just have to do better to communicate this: Effect will always remain a separate slider from risk. I will edit this into the OP above.

I'm also not trying to discourage metagaming- I'm proposing that the language surrounding the metagame discussion be simplified.  That's literally it. I will also replace the word "DNA" since I really mean "language" or "vernacular."

Good question! since I posted this, I have narrowed it down to imagined sleights from CGL fans. Hoping it has sorted itself out..

Thanks, and thanks for the follow! Get a community copy if you haven't already :)

Provocateur: When you taunt someone, it’s especially provocative. You get +1d to Study a provoked target.

Are you the kind of snake that uses a bold taunt, or a veiled one? What do you expose: weaknesses, information, or something else?

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Jury Rig: When you Engineer to repair or alter a device, the work is much faster than it should be and you don't need all the parts (or tools). 

Decide when you do this whether you are doing this without the parts, tools, or both. The GM will then tell you how much you can get done. Also, remember you can call for a flashback if you need to.

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Also. ICe minimums typo fixed. Gray IC minimum is supposed to be II, while a III can impose lasting psychological effects. Black ICe is only minimum III, while a tier IV can outright kill you.

Fixed on the

Fixed on the

Fixed on the Radicals crew playbook

Okay so I pushed out a post, and realize that those who botted me may get notified too. But whatever- 

First planned update is a priority one: the missing section on Summoning, the Crew (cohorts, upgrades, etc), and a new section on Isms (discrimination based on social status, genetic manipulation, magical lineage, etc.) 

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Done, and done. However that option is very 'nuclear.'

Eh it's a shame that posts containing images and links to file hosting sites are even allowed in the comments. Not allowing that would solve the issue too

EDIT: Turning off reviews was too nuclear. I decided to leave those up

I edited this post's OP to reflect the newest events. I also reclassified as a Suggestion not a Bug (my mistake).

That's what I mean though. In this case I have no option other than to monitor constantly when a comment email comes in (there is no preview of the comment in the email: sad) and I am too busy to look because I am promoting the game or doing a podcast.

I deleted the comments and I slept okay that night I guess.. but what I asked for is a way to hold questionable comments (those containing links, or images, or certain keywords) so they arent displayed until approved by an admin or whatever


I'm hoping I just missed a checkbox somewhere

In this case the user didn't donate to the game on itch. They downloaded the prerelease version somewhere else, then downloaded the free itch version to gain access to comment, then uploaded the former to mediafire, then posted that link via itch comments in an act of Hate. I see no tools to limit the actions of commenters in any way (links, imagery, etc), so I've resorted to turning them OFF. Going to look into the forum features in the meantime..

Due to a lack of comment moderation tools, I had to turn off commenting until I find out more. The documentation online says I get additional options once I turned it on (which I had done, but I see no such "options").

What about the "dedicated forum" option? Does this give me any control over links posted, images, etc? I'd hate to see someone abuse it to post questionable images, hate speech, etc

Well they didnt buy the game, they downloaded a pre-release somewhere, then uploaded to mediafire and posted the link directly to the sales page. They had an account obv but why was a link allowed in the comments to begin with? Is there a setting to disallow them by default - so I can approve them before they go up? links are spoopy, is my take on it.

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Comments containing link or images shouldn't be able to be posted in comments on my game's sales wall without being approved. These kinds of posts are suspect by default, especially when linked to file sharing sites like it was in my case (see below).

Moderation tools seem to be an oversight here.

Effects of not having it: Someone was able to post a comment through the Commenting feature I had enabled on my game, and user included a link that wasn't blocked or held for my review. Instead, it just posted - and happened to be a mediafire link GIVING away the prerelease of the game on my call to action page. Apparently this could have been just about anything, which is unacceptable. 

My sales went down to 0 the moment this happened. They returned to about half their usual level once I turned commenting off. But low and behold there was a mediafire post that I had to report SO fast I didn't even screen cap the comment. Anyways the user was basically a brand new user far as I could tell (and as I said in the report I already made, they should be banned if its not their first abuse). I wanted to just.. give them a free copy via messaging here, but I can't do that either. 

What do I do and how do I prevent this kind of abuse in the future?

EDIT: This was reported immediately. However the very same thing happened the next day. They've since deleted their second array of comments - perhaps so I couldn't report them, and then something else weird happened. A little back and forth while I was busy promoting, but I made the mistake of taking a day off to rest - so I logged in 18 hours later to seeing I was being doxed through the comments there. I deleted those, and was forced to take the whole comments section down.