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I'll try to give a chance to Godot on my free time, now I'm focusing on Unreal  for my career 

Omg it caught me by surprise! I'm going to buy it and share it right now !  

Founded this game on Newgrounds, as I said there unique and challenging. 
It's going directly to my favs.

I've found this game on Newgrounds, you did a magnificent job with it. :)

Thank you for giving us a free DLC 

Sadly I don't have Australian Wii U codes for El Silla. but you could try to get a code of Pad of Time. here on twitter:

Os dejo una reseñica

enjoyed a lot, congrats its amazing

Always good to have a good tower defense

Sweet music and cute character, I miss a reward & see how many cookies Ive got, for a first gamejam well done!


Os ha quedado muy chulo, aunque la galeria de los payasos da miedo jajaja

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me ha encantado, la narrativa la ejecutais estupendamente y el toque comico de la mana alargandose de forma exagerada y tirando todo a su paso me enamora 

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Muy  currado y entretenido,  esperare con ganas una version mas amplia despues de la Jam