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really hit the spot even for a demo, the last scene got me even though I knew it was coming. Has a lot of potential and will be waiting for the full release.

Never a dull moment, every part of the game gave me chills. most specially when you know more about what happened and you think to yourself if this really did happen in real life, Send chills to the back of my spine.

Aside from the randomness of the map layout the game still led me to where I was supposed to be. Love the pixelated style horror aspect of a crypt and it's connections to what underneath.

Got mind blown with the changing dialogue, It shows you how much the man has done this and telling us that its not a one time thing.

(13:03) <--- Game Starts!

I hate spuders....


Another great slasher horror game, love the premise but a bit slow-paced. Though I love the build up it <3

Of all the backrooms I've played this one so far is the best, a great mix of puzzle and urgency but could use a tone down on the vhs style. Still really terrifying. 

The game goes from 0 to a 100 real fast, wonky controls and killer design. Not gonna lie tho this game scared me more than it should have.

Best drilling I've ever done! love the adrenaline it gives on the final minutes knowing how slow the process is. I appreciate the apocalyptical vibe it has and instructiveness and smooth gameplay

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Diner Dash with a twist with a very twisted twist!! Great game love the mix of cutesy terrors it has, games play wise it's great to see games that you just can easily cheese. All in all  a game for all families to enjoy <3

A bit scary but what really makes the game pop out is it's mechanics and pressure when it comes to decision making. Would have been more terrifying if it had suspenseful music that gets more loud the closer the man is. But all in all still a great game.

This game makes me want to eat!

The game is amazingly scary and terrifying it's just that the bugs that it has unfortunately takes away the thrill the game gives by forcing you to keep restarting.

Love the vibes of the game but would have preferred it if there were less transition in the game and it would really help to put a photosensitive warning beforehand. The games hard enough to sink some time memorizing locations to finish the game.

Wonky and more of a haha than a AHHHHH! type of game. There's a part in the game where an NPC gets stuck which is hilarious by the way. All in all a very wonky and funny scary game.

The Ritual was great and I love the slow decent from cuteness to madness. The only problems was the program which didn't have a mouse lock program so my courser was exiting out of the game while playing.

Scary as hell, a bit slow paced but were saved by sound cues and scares, I couldn't see any story or narrative in the game but guess I was scared up my a** to look for them. A VERY VERY SCARY and great game!

AlI can say is Noodlez...

The game goes from 0 to 100 real fast which makes it great. I liked the car interaction but would have liked it more if the button for the keys where close to the movement keys. But everything else is fantastic!

There's so much lore and questions for this dobra the explorer   type horror game we have here. Hope it someone finds a deeper meaning or hidden secretes in the game. Loved it! <3

This Game is very SNEK

Love the PS1 aesthetic vibes and controls, most specially the perspective change that happens ever so often The fear of the unknown coupled with the dread of loneliness is a very Good combo, I'll rate it a four though because of the slow pace walk simulator it has.  

Slow but very suspenseful game, I admire how it wants to portray as certain fear and elevates it with more of a horror twist. Ambience is another plus and still gives a bit of mystery to the story itself.

Love the premise and perspective of the game as well as the mechanics. I love it when a game gets creative. It would have been good to tone down on the setting or put some options for better recording but still an enjoyable experience!

Though the games a bit slow it makes up for the atmospheres and mystery that it presents. Not knowing the unknown yet still cooperating is such a scary thing. Loved the game and hoping for more lore on the world of Redville.

Sometimes it's much more terrifying when a game doesn't relay on Jumps scares and uses the atmospheres, sounds, and world the game sets in. I love the Mandela catalogue so this games right up my alley.

The Games REALLY GOOD.. I've never had any fears regarding Muppets but this game says other wise. Love the animations and the resident evils style features like inventory management and door animations. Knowing that enemies can't be killed gives another challenge to the game. I'll be eagerly waiting for the full release <3  

The Games really well made and got me a bunch of times. The only problem this game has is it's long process of getting all the ending, as well as the long cut scenes.

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Love everything about this game, the interaction button and the sequence of scares. was a bit slow at first but really came through in the end. 

The games atmospheric in a way, love the resident evil style of opening doors. The scares and the revelation in the end. It's short but sweet with a hint of terror.

I've never played a game like this before and it's really refreshing and really Good at the same time. Wish it was much more longer but it was enough to fill my Horror stomach. Just a bit off setting regrading the frames of the game but I guess is better that way because of the theme it wanted to play. All in all this games a masterpiece and would recommend to anyone. 

This game takes the cake when it come to realism and how a person can throw away their humanity just for their belief added by super natural off pill grampas makes a good horror story. Loved it <3 Great Job

Love the simplicity of the game, from another Filipino to another Props to you Good sir. Can't believe this was a secret project you've been working on. And very accurate I might say, nets not that Great. Keep it up!

The games fine as another Lovecraftian Horror, It's very slow paced a bit interactive and wonky at some times. But love how big the fishes are. Would have liked it more if there was a bit of lore regarding the contract of the captain and the Cthulhu like being but still liked it none the less.

Haven't really played the TJOC yet but this game gave me hype over it. Always love a crying angles style of game with a bit of puzzle and challenges to rack up your mind not just to scare you but to build up tension.

Haven't really played the TJOC yet but this game gave me hype over it. Always love a crying angles style of game with a bit of puzzle and challenges to rack up your mind not just to scare you but to build up tension.

Great and really smooth game, love the concept of different dimensions and reality bending situations. If your a fan of SCP this game is perfect for you. Could have used more randomness to the map and passcodes but still enjoyable!