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fun!! and awe-inspiring simplicity (and brevity!!)

really beautiful game!! :) hit close to home in many ways, and I had a lot of thoughts about it. [spoilers] I enjoyed how choosing different options in subsequent plays evoked the feeling in me of having repetitive and uncomfortable conversations with a parent over the years, where neither of you quite knows how to connect. you did an amazing job of capturing that experience of mustering the courage to bring something new and honest to the conversation, and suddenly the stagnant emotional texture opens up in some way. at least, that's what personally resonated a lot for me. thanks so much for sharing!!

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YAY thank you so much for playing!! and I love the illustration too! that was the work of visibleworld ♥ LOL honestly, it really is much harder to keep them both running for very long!! (though a path *should* always be technically possible..)

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thank you so much! I'm quite honored to have received this comment hahah, I definitely had many such worldbuilders in mind in making this :) 

thank you so much for playing and for the kind words :') ♥ I'm so glad you came by!

this is super cool!! love to watch my little creations go. it's fun to feel curious about who will win in a given race, and even to have light expectations of who might win; and of course to be proven right, but even to be proven wrong! also enjoyed experiencing the audio like a spectator might when I left my cursor idle near one side of the track.

extremely dreamy <3

thanks so much for playing Joey :')) I guarantee he does not take it personally!! he knows he's high maintenance...

ooh I will definitely tune in!! thanks for letting me know, I'm looking forward to it :)

thank you so much for playing and for the absolute *gift* that is your lets play, plushasmr!! seeing your take really made me smile :’) your video edits and commentary were so clever and perfectly timed, I laughed out loud several times. and it was sooo relaxing to watch and listen to, an extremely cozy way to end the night! <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING!! so happy you enjoyed our little guy(s) and our take on the symmetrical solutions :') also I love a couple of your games a LOT and find myself thinking about many weeks / months later!! can't wait to play more!

nu <3

this game was such a delightful journey!!! I laughed, struggled, went like :').... I feel re-birthed, if I may.... thank you for the beautiful reminder of what being born is all about

dreamy and fun :') 

just to clarify - I didn't mean to imply those were the only funny lines, I appreciated the overall humor :) I just wanted to point out I enjoyed how that was an oft used tool to punctuate many of the jokes! (pun intended)

this was a really neat adaptation of the source material! I felt I always had to be honest with dracula lol. well done!

this felt like the worker placement board game mechanic in video game form, which was neat. the environment was cool as well. I was relieved to realize I could revive cats :') viva meowtropolis!

I enjoyed the music choice and the passage choices! I thought it was cool that the substitutions seem somewhat related to the original word. well done!

this was very entertaining! I loved the "..." character lines. well done!

loved the storytelling!! the player movement style lent itself super well to the spooky changes in mechanics or camera view. I was both scared and excited to interact with things by the end. also the title screens were such a cool mood-setting touch that also helped me orient a bit. perhaps my only regret is playing this right before bed.... .. .

idk why but I feel like this hand exudes "can withstand extremely high temperatures" vibes... thank you so much!! :)

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ty for playing, Froqs!!

aww :'') thank you, and thanks for playing Kai!!