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I had a lot of fun playing this, really sad that the game will no longer be playable soon, had a lot of fun and really hope there can be some way to play it again in the future! definitely an interesting story!

Thank you for the great experience, I really enjoyed the game and especially loved the strawberry character, I'll definitely be looking forward to any new projects you create :D

I played through the game and have gotten one ending so far, it's been a pretty good game from what I've played through, however two small complaints I have are that anytime I went to school and chose a choice it would always give me an error and I had to hit ignore (idk if this happens for everyone) and confessing was a little underwhelming since all she says is she loves you back and nothing else changes, It would be nice if you add a final scene for when you confess to them bcuz I think it would make it a lot better, ty for reading :D