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Mario Martínez

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Loved playing it! and I love how colourful it is!

I really like the physics and the concept of a kitty in a skateboard is just brilliant! 

Super original theme! and admittedly I now regret not making my own game about rubber chickens :(

Its a really charming game (with really fun sound effects and sound design). I like the fact that the gameplay is rather fast paced as well!

Just in case you were not aware of this bug though: The second time I played I died and I spawned on the edges of the map, where I fell down again and then the game made a copy of me. (at one point I kept falling while I could see several sprites of the main character).

I love the chill music and the character designs (and the interactions)!

Can't even begin to imagine how much effort it would take to make a game with so many words! Kudos!

Also the character portraits are lovely! I really dig the art style.

I love love the visuals! and the music is really relaxing and fits the mood.

HELL YESS!!!!! <3

The facial expressions of the black hole are SO CUTE! 

Love the design of Shelly!

it looks so lovely!

I love the art style! 

Not gonna lie I was very confused by the controls but the art and atmosphere are lovely!

Lovely stuff! :0