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Love the SCP universe and this game really shows the horror of 096.

This game is awesome. It caught my attention because of the resemblance to my favorite games such as Doom, DMC, and Borderlands. Love the fast paced action.

It was really cool to play RE8 in a new style. The environments and characters look awesome and the new mechanics are super creative.

Love the idea behind Siren Head. Im a big fan of monsters in horror movies and games and the potential behind them. His abilities created a cool suspenseful environment and the way he blends with the environment is creepy

Loved the characters and how much they looked like the original re4 models. The graphics and gameplay are awesome.

Love the suspense in the game and the twists, it also really reminded me of the exploring the dark web game.

The physics are awesome and the combat is really smooth and I also love the animation.

This game is hilarious and actually scared me at moments, but for a game like this, it is made surprisingly well. The room changing and wall breaking and repairing mechanics are awesome and the graphics are really polished!

One of the scariest games I've played in a while. The atmosphere is amazing and horrifying at the same time and there's a great mix of jump scares and suspense.