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Sorry for a bit of late response, i took quite a break from game development, but i have been looking forward to getting back into it. 

Anyways here is my Discord Marino#7310 (picture of bluish space), talk to you there.

The page doesnt exist

Really good and funny game, the refrences are really funny. Nice work

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Thank you

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I think discord is great for communication, you can shares files through drive or something else, if there are any problems.

Hey, i could use a composer and your previous work fits almost perfectly with what i wana make now, im still open to any new ideas you have though. I work in Unity, so unless you got a team already we can become one.

Looks really good

I too found the jump mechanic useless and the stairs aswell, the other programmer wanted to have them for some reason... But it would have more meaning with lasers or pits that got cut out. 

So ill keep you in touch when the 2d remastered version comes out if you want.

Well done with all of the animations

Well my friend who made the art wants to make the game better aswell... But we dont know if we keep it 3d or go to 2d

Yeah colliders werent really setup well.. 

For the stairs you had to touch the green button so they would appear.... But you could just jump high enough without them, up there you should be teleported to the next room. But that doesnt always happens, small collider i guesss? 

Yeah thats the part that wasnt explained or i missed it... 

Thank you! We wanted to have some lasers between the walls and a robot chasing you in the rooms aswell but sadly we had bad time managment again. 

Yes we are aware of it.. Its strange how you can even go through the walls, but falling through the plane then isnt that hard anymore... 

Sorry if i was a bit rude... And what was the deal with torches?  As there were no rules or anything that i found.

I really expected a bow or something... It looks nice though but it lacks gameplay