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I missed the anniversary....

Curse you exams!


On steam though... (I'm sorry I'm poor T-T).

Here was my spoiler free review with some additions ehe.

I absolutely loved every second of the game. It was filled with warmth, angst, and all the good stuff. It took me 15-16 hours to finish everything (by that I mean all Good and Bad ends), and I enjoyed every second. The side characters were written brilliantly, the comedy was on point, and the angst hit me right in the feels. The use of the music was also very well directed and absolutely drove me to tears of joy AND sadness. All of the characters in this world shone to me one way or another, and I don't think I'll forget some of them any time soon. This game is absolutely worth it to buy and play! I look forward to more of your games in the future batensan! I am absolutely happy that you're finally getting paid for these stories you're making. I wanna know what's in your brain YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY SO CREATIVE. Also, I love most of the MC's you have had so far. Ciel, Anholly, and Iris... Thank you again! Best birthday for me ever!

Now for the spoiler filled one (Please don't read if you plan on playing this absolutely wonderful game):




MORGEN? KANN? AUGUSTIA? I would marry Morgen if she was ALIVE.

batensannnnnn sobs

I did a live blog on my friends' discord channel, and one of them I realized, was hilariously like you, when it came to angst and humor. She said that she felt like she was narrating the dialogues sometimes (Clavie?!).

I LOVE all the side characters and main ones. You outdid yourself on this project and I wish I could give more money HNGHHH. Fiuheim, Morgen, Augustia, Auggie, Hendrick, Neirrei, Enmei, An Zinmei, Henri, Mikhail, Kann, Val, Wynrou, Vendetta, AAAAAA all of them are so loveable and I want to give them all the happiness they deserve sobs

Anyways favorite route huh.


Yes I'm one of those people you said who'd like his route.

It's just, somehow, works? You absolutely didn't spare any effort on his true end and I couldn't be more like a person drowning in the sea with my tears falling every second.

I hate that the true end is Iris dying, but we don't know that yet, don't we? The next story, I'm buying still >:D. And when it comes, I'll finally (probably) have a proper job, SO EXPECT ME TO SHOWER YOU IN MONEY.

BATENSAN YOU DA BEST. I can't believe I get to grow up with your magical otoge series.

Replaring Anholly and Ciel again! Your games never get old. <3

Edit: Just wanted to add that this game won't probably leave my mind, and I'd most likely create fanfiction for it...ehe. One day when I finally have the courage to post them publicly HAHAHHA.

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I am back from the DEAD!

I was summoned by this game. Alas, I'm currently unemployed (it's been three years since I last played Ciel and Anholly oh gods), but I swear once I transfer my physical money to my paypal I WILL BUY THIS GAME. THIS I SWEAR!!

Again, won't be playing the demo because I promised to myself (years ago) that I'd buy this. WAIT FOR ME BATENSAN (QwQ)

You deserve to have more recognition and the money-

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS. Halfway...! Hoo boi. Take breaks, and STAY SAFE! And I still didn't play the demo-! I WILL REMAIN STEADFAST, AND WAIT! AGAIN, Stay safe!

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So ehem.

I love this series so much. I first played this game a few years ago, when I think it was halfway its released date. This game made me cry, scream, laugh, smile and cheer up. SO MUCH FLUFF I KENNOT. It was so amazing that I replayed this a bunch of times. I didn't have an account in the past and was not really aware of the emailing stuff so I couldn't send my screaming and smiling soul towards you lmao, 

And when I discovered that you had another game that was recently released (Magical Otoge Anholly), I immediately set out to play the next one. IT MADE ME CRY MORE THAT MY SISTER QUESTIONED ME. Gosh, Anholly just why QuQ.

I appreciate your efforts in creating these wonderful games, especially when they're free for a poor fellow like me. I want to donate or contribute money to a wonderful artist and creator like you, but not today. When I get a job, I swear I'll pay for this game! All your games are amazing for me, I'm looking back on this post because I swear to God, nostalgia hit me like a truck when I scrolled over my otome games folder XD.

AND I SAW YOUR NEW GAME. I'm seriously struggling with my self-control right now because I don't want to play the demo right now. I want the full release, which I will patiently wait for and because I know it'll be AMAZING. I want to be immersed in the game fully hehehe. Anyway!

Have a great day! Stay happy and smiling. <3


Edit 3: oMygOSH "Top of the morning to you too." IM SHOOKETH I CANT WHAT ArE U YoU DOING TO ME 

I'm rather curious. 

Does this truly have virus? I am hesitant, because I think this game would be great...oh well, let's take the risk anyway.

AMAZING. A filipino visual novel?! qwq Why didn't I know about this?! I am going to love this game. I am downloading it right now. Also, I can offer help with the translation if you want! I am filipino and I want to help you finish the English version! It's okay if you won't accept it, maybe someone already offered you, but I'd like to let you know. I'm really excited for this one. ^_^

PS. This caused me to create an account in itchio. XD