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This game was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it!! And it was scarier than I expected haha. ^^ Very well-done. Great level design and audio!!

I was scared to try this, but I decided to brave it and play the whole thing today. It was really amazing!! What a frightening yet exciting experience! Both the audio and visuals were so powerful and effective, especially near the end! I wish it was a longer game that I could play for a couple of hours. Amazing job :) :)   

thank you!! :) glad you enjoyed!!

This was a cool game!! I really enjoyed the running up walls mechanic, it was a lot of fun!! I struggled a bit with the camera for some reason, but other then that, amazing job <3 <3

I love this game <3 <3 The concept is so original and fun and I really enjoyed the puzzles as well!! Amazing work !!

the character is cute and i like her cute jump !!

This game is so cute and perfect!! I adore it so much. <3 The controls feel great, the fishing is fun, and the artwork is very lovely. My only feedback is, is there a save button? I had to get out of the game and when I returned to play some more, I had to restart sadly.

really fun, i enjoyed!! good level of challenge and so cute too <3

thank you!

thanks!! whoa that would be awesome :D 

heehee thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you! We were thinking at some point that if you get certain achievements, you'd unlock fun hats for the froggy :D We didn't have time though sadly!

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I love this so much and it looks so amazing!! <3 

this was trippy and mysterious! i enjoyed the psychedelic look!

Really cute, I love the frog outfit the character is wearing and the pretty flowers! :D The dialogue is fun and I really enjoyed talking and flying with a sword!

oh yeah, i should!! thanks for the awesome idea!! :D <3

cool game, this was fun :) 

wow thanks so much :) 

Cute game!! I can totally relate. :'D

thank you!! :) 

Awesome!! I wish I was smarter though, cuz I couldn't figure out the third puzzle ;_;

Amazing game, I really enjoyed it!! <3 <3 Good luck in the jam. :) 

Really cute and sweet game!! I adored it!! <3 Put it in my collection of cute games <3 <3

Awesome first game!! I enjoyed!! 

Well-made, awesome job on your first game!! :) <3 

Wow, really cool game <3 I really love how you made it like an rpg while incorporating space invaders theme in the battle mode!! What a great idea!!

thank you so much! <3  and oh! i really appreciate you mentioning that! I'll make sure to upload it with music. :) :) 

Love this!! Amazing job <3

Super cute game!! I love it. <3 <3 

I had the same problem!

Thanks so much, that means a lot!! :) <3

Really well-made!! I enjoyed it!! :D

Cool game!! What a great idea to combine two game concepts in one. And the aliens are adorable <3

Cool game!!

Amazing game!! It was a lot of fun and I just love how you made it into a puzzle game. <3 <3

Wow, I was really impressed, the game is super fun!! <3 <3 Amazing job!! 

Cool game, great job!! :)