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That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you <3 I'm really glad it gave you a fun starting point for your own adventure!

"didn't have the luxury of knowing how it's going to end"
Deus Elf Machina.

Thank you so much!

And, uhh.... *Lifts the lid from the simmering pot, and takes a little taste. Grabs some setting seasoning. Checks the braise on the backstory.* A little while yet. Can I grab you a snack?

(*Peeks at the mushrooms. Makes a creepy-crawly grimace that will only make sense to the audience after reading the second book. Puts the mushrooms back in their... "fermentation" hole.*)

Gelatinous moon! :3

Absolutely! Especially if you play up that they're ancient. And.... well-connected? I'll leave the deets to your creative mind. So, yeah, bring on the Old Ones!

Hey Olive82! I think the confusion came from that there isn't a discord server specifically for this jam, but rather there's an Ironsworn Discord server and a thread there that is specifically for this jam.

If I could go back in time, I'd take ASL in high school instead of Latin, then go to RIT and major in creative writing. I did my best to cater my college education towards creative writing without taking English or subjecting myself to the "Stay silent while we mock you" formula of creative writing classes. I just love that a tech school is the leading school for creative writing in the US. Just... *chef kiss*

This is really inciteful, and a fun read. "You shouldnʼt
major in English just to roleplay better,"
is an excellent mantra to live by.

Oh this is going to be funnn!

I. Love. This!

This looks amazing!

I am speechless. The absolute skill here! The tiny details of visual story-telling! This is so, so good.

What a good idea!!

Hey! I was able to find a post by Shawn that lists the fonts: proxima nova (body) and Poster Gothic Round (headers)

But he says they're not free. They're licensed and/or available via Adobe CC subscription. But he also linked to the best stand-ins for if you want to use something free:

As for templates and tools, you should go ask around the Ironsworn Discord server :) I'm not familiar with them all myself, so they'll be more helpful.

The Challenge Run Path is just so funny to me. I love it.

At very long last, Vow Fulfilled.

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me, especially knowing it comes from another great writer!

And yes, it was unintentional! I guessed people interested in my book would get curious about Ironsworn, but I didn't expect people curious about Ironsworn would start with my book!

Oh hell yea! I'll hit you up if I get stuck!

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Ah this day has come. Sooner than I expected... The litany of challenges that come with conversion to .epub is a beast I knew I one day must face. For you, fozbaca... I shall brave this challenge.

AHEM I mean--Sure! Bear with me as I learn how to make it look good. I'll send out a big announcement when it's made. I know for sure I can ping everyone following me and everyone who has tipped. I'm pretty sure I can ping everyone who has downloaded, too though. But to make sure, you might wanna follow ^_^

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you liked it, and absolutely there is more to come!

Thank you Xeno and rsek for an absolutely amazing time chatting about creating Discord bots and your experience with the Ironsworn tool-making community.

Other topics we covered were how Ironsworn lends to wonderful, creative world-building, how the Oracle (within the rulebook and the bot on Discord) interact with people's play experience and what it was like using it to build the novel.

Watch the VOD here: