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Margarita Blankenheim

A member registered Oct 01, 2017

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Omg, everything in his bedroom and bathroom are from The Sims 4. I love it x3's not available for Android...😦

Shoichi and Yuuya are my two favorites in this game. Too bad Yuuya doesn't have a bigger role like the others. I have a feeling that if he did, he'd probably have a huge crush on Sam Asakawa (who I named the player character while giving him the surname of voice actress Yuu Asakawa), and I'd definitely ship it. So far, Shoichi and Yuuya are the only ones I ship with Sam

Sam x Shoichi (TennisProVolleyCaptain)

Sam x Yuuya (TennisProRisingStar)

....also, it seems that Shoichi likes being called a good boy😏

will this be available for Android someday? I only have an android phone, and I'd love to play this as I love furry visual novels. It looks like lots of fun :)

Shhhhh! Don't Jynx Jynx it! *hope you get that reference* The poll results can change at any given time before it ends and the final results are in.  I be hoping and praying beefcake Bam pulls ahead and snags that win

Voted for Bam hands down. He big, beefy, and sexy ♡w♡

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Oh, that's a bummer. I only recently downloaded the game this past September, so I didn't know about that

Can't he get permission? I mean it would be nice to have the option to date someone who isn't on the tennis team. If he got permission, I think a romantic route with Bam would be quite interesting

I can't get enough of this game! It's so fantastic! I've noticed you said that you hope to add more characters to date, that sounds very interesting. I would love trying a relationship with Bam, he's so cute and quite charming. A relationship between the player character and Bam would be very interesting. He seems like he'd be so much fun! x3

A good boy with a hidden naughty side ;) Spencer and the player make a better love story than Twilight. I'm so buying the Spencer dakimakura >///w///<

this visual novel is sooo awesome, juicy, gripping, heartwarming, and all kinds of yes! Best character is that stud Spencer, my personal favorite ♡♡♡ ;) I can't wait for the next update so I can continue the Spencer route, and hopefully, when the entire thing is done, Spencer and the player will get married and live happily ever after. Who wouldn't want to marry that hunky stud? I look forward to future updates with intense eagerness!!! :D