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It’s ok if it’s a bit rage-inducing – it’s the theme of the game – but yeah it’s still rough around the edges. I hope I can find time to refine it a bit at some point.

The current dev record is 40, but I’m pretty sure it’s easily beatable.

I even think a true world champion could approach the 100 score mark. Will such a champion appear and go down in history? Only time will tell.

Haha, thanks for the contribution! I’m loving that this page is becoming a kind of library.

Very noice! The game is not as much about creating proper haikus as just having fun with words. Glad that was the case!

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Thank you once again,
T’was super nice watching you
And the chat write stuff.

Yes. No. Maybe.

Always like ‘em twice, that’s what I say.

Cruel world.

Thanks, great one! Nuts sure have a lot on their shoulders.

Yeah, it’s definitely a challenge to even make sense. Thanks a lot anyway!


Ahah nice one! Thanks Tom, I’m happy you enjoy it.

Hahaha, thanks a lot dude! Glad you like it!

Awesome and wholesome experience, the art is really cute and the dialogue sweet and fun! Great game!

Haha, thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! And if all else fails, nonsense is also fun.

What he said is true!

(except the million contender part, that’s a blatant lie)

Uuuh, thanks. I hope this is not a pickup line.


Thanks! :P

Aww thanks mate! Clearly lots of nose involved at every step of the process.

Thank you for this delicate, wonderful experience. Looking forward to the DLC just so I can support you guys !

Du génie, comme d'habitude.

5/5, would coincoin again.

Best idle slug race game ever in the history of mankind.