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Very cool. I love the type of survival horror where one presence kind of dominates a particular setting and there's a specific way to defeat them/escape them, and you need to figure it out all while they're coming to kill you. Got Crawford Family vibes from this one which is a good thing, but now I gotta go back and play some of your other games I missed. Great job! 

I for the life of me cannot find these arrows. I've grabbed the flashlight and searched high and low. I can't find the arrows on the floor, the ceiling, the walls, anywhere. Please help a brother out and tell him what he's missing. 

Very cool. Really liked the level design, it had a unique look which built upon the game's identity. Good exploration/problem-solving aspects, and so far intrigued with why the antagonist seems to be toying with you. Overall it delivers most of what you want out of a demo, and I've added this game to my wishlist on Steam. Look forward to playing more!

Good effort for a first game. Sets the tone well, subtle scares that keep you on edge, and a suitable antagonist. It could use a little more explanation as to what's actually happening, but for a cinematic-experience style game it does its job. Enjoyed playing, look forward to seeing more from this dev. 

A pretty fun game. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the playthrough. Good scares here and there, and I appreciate a game that has a good balance of leading the player, but also forcing you to figure it out yourself. It never got too confusing, and any blank stretch of gameplay was figured out in a matter of minutes. Also, kudos to your decoration of the HQ residential house! I recognized some of the other assets but had no clue it was the HQ house until the credits rolled. 

My only critique for improvement would be in the climax scene; I just feel more could be done with it. I like the idea, just think (as I say in the video) that it could use more oomph. Perhaps some extended version of it with a jump scare or two to spice things up. Overall though, I very much enjoyed my playthrough, and thanks for letting me enjoy your game. Thumbs up! 

Dug the game. Really like the premise of it, reminded me of the terrors of The Mist with how things from other universes are just slipping in, but obviously this has more of a sci-fi twist. Gameplay was smooth, seems like those stalkers could for sure be a challenge at some point. Overall, I was left wanting to play more so you did your job. Thumbs up!

Solid demo. I liked the world-building through the notes where you slowly began to learn more about the creature/what's happened here. Game is well-paced with a good action sequence to finish up the demo. Overall leaves you wanting more. I will be keeping an eye out for the full game. Thumbs up!

Really fun experience. The employee had me cracking up ("it's a verb"), and the gameplay just goes all-out on mocking the typical corporate workplace. The last bit during orientation got me too. Thumbs up, well done!

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Thumbs up. Good work at getting the player to want to dive in further. I like the idea of the Priest using the crucifix as his weapon, the rosary helping refill faith, all that's good stuff. I also like the idea of the protag being an older, more feeble kind of guy, which from the game synopsis and all the caffeine pills I came across, I assume that will be more of a factor in the main game. While the demo was quite brief, I was intrigued, and went ahead and added the game to my wishlist on Steam. I'll be following!

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Good submission to the game jam. I like the visual style, fun little point-and-click experience. As I note in my video, the theme at play does seem to be a little on the heavy side, but I also understand for such a short game you don't have a lot of time to get your point across.

Overall, thumbs up, and I would be interested in playing a fuller version. Kudos!

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Quality demo. Level design is solid, good creepy vibes throughout, and you can tell a lot of though was put into the puzzles and how to set up each stage and move forward to the next setting. Definitely look forward to playing a full version.