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We live in a society 

Joined :)

I released a new game, Umbra, last year which can be found on In terms of new projects, I don't have anything planned however I'm waiting to buy some game dev hardware as I just have ultrabooks at the moment so I'll probably get carried away in Unity and something might develop from it when that arrives.

That isn't scripted, I guess it's just some deterministic behaviour that results from his programming.

Well done beating Prison, from what I've seen it's a small club!

Nailed it!

PS I did release a Prison tutorial video on my channel as I noticed many peeps were struggling with it:

1. Just checked out that HUD element and I'll be honest, I've got no recollection of Splenderman or what that mode was meant to be...

2. The maps usually had multiple versions with tweaks, fixes etc. I remember for a short period a version of Mansion was available where I forgot to include the new flashlight vignette. Well done finding the bug!

3. Yeah, the 1 key was a debug feature to test different item counts without going around the level. Was meant to be disabled for production builds but seems some maps / versions have it left in

Awesome, thanks for keeping hold of the data for all this time and sharing it! When I created the games back in 2012 source control didn't mean much to me so even I lost the original files. Fun facts: 

  • There are some references to Crude War in the source files, this was a military themed game I was designing back in 2009 / 2010 and still have some of the assets to this day. 
  • The Pewdiepie folder existed because in one of the Sanatorium builds where you can kill Slenderman with the gun there's a PewDiePie minigame where you have to survive against some of his Amnesia characters like the barrels, I can't remember if this was ever publicly released though.

If you manage to extract the raw game files (pretty sure some peeps have managed to do it) you should be able to delete Slenderman's AI script (.FPI file) which will remove him from the game.

I put a few links to some of them in one of the comments below!

Unfortunately all the old source files are gone, it would take quite a bit of effort to recreate things and I don't think there's enough demand for me to do it myself

Hey he's almost 10 years old now, he's not that new ;) Thanks

Mission accomplished

Wow, I can't believe FPSC is still going! Unfortunately I have no idea what the password is, it was packaged with a tool called Vishnu which I think sets the password. I do know that Vishnu extracts the raw files out to some location in your user temporary files so they should be possible to find with a bit of digging.

Some of the original maps are linked in the comments below :)

Thanks! :)


Which files are you trying to get at? Could be my memory but I don't remember encrypting any of the source files like scripts, audio and textures etc. The FPSC engine only password protects the universe.dbo file (level mesh data) AFAIK, the password for that is "mypassword" as it is with all FPSC games. Hope that helps!

Hey Vinstrine, unfortunately I no longer have the original source files so I'm unable to build an updated copy of the game :(

Haha, I have definitely been tempted to do a remaster. There are so many cool new engine / graphical features such as spatial audio, raytracing, VR etc. that weren't available in 2012 and could complement the game nicely. Glad you enjoyed the games!

Unfortunately even I don't have the original source project anymore :( The closest you'll get are the original FPSC-based maps as the scripts / audio / textures etc. are available to edit in the file structure.

Thanks man, that made my day! There are certain games from my childhood that give me nostalgia (Super Mario 64 for example) so to know one of my games has that same place for someone else is awesome.

Hey, thanks for your message! I had a lot going on at the time as I developed The Curse of Blackwater immediately after finishing Slenderman's Shadow and then went straight to university after that released so unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get it properly integrated and released on Steam :( 

All I can think of is to run the games using a PC from that era running an older OS (XP / Vista)

Thanks for finding this and linking! FPS Creator was an unstable engine at the best of times, on newer operating systems I'm not surprised there are issues. 

Hey, great to hear from a longtime player! Just checked my Mediafire account and I've got the following original maps:

7th Street:



Not sure about the others but they're bound to be available online somewhere with a bit of digging.

Thanks! Saving your sprint, using the "sanity" system to your advantage by looking at him to freeze him in place temporarily and learning the map layout and item spawns are all effective tactics.

Thanks Adrionic, enjoyed your playthrough!

Hey Terrorose. I actually developed this on my baseline MacBook Air and heavily optimised it during development to run smoothly. You can use Control+H to view FPS and reduce the game resolution if it's running below the desired framerate. Looking forward to your playthrough if you do one!

The game is finished and there are no planned updates other than bug fixes or small adjustments at the moment.

Unfortunately a quick search reveals this State51 "company" has a track record of doing this going back years so it seems YouTube hasn't done anything yet to remove them from the platform. They make money by scraping and claiming the sounds as their own to steal ad revenue from content creators. Pretty disgusting and I'm sorry this has affected you.

Thanks for playing! The sound in question is released under a Creative Commons 0 License (meaning the work is public domain) and is available here from the original author:

I believe this is an example of copyrighting free sounds to exploit YouTubers like yourself to receive the monetisation :(

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, you owned the lights section!

I've never tested the game with that hardware, however the graphics are scalable and the game is 8 years old so most hardware should run it with no performance issues.

Thanks for the concern peeps, but it is me :) I've updated all the links on the official YouTube channel to point to here and also released a video announcing free release on