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Marcos Outsider

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Really? I've never played the original game, so it was actually a blind playthrough, lol.

I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with this demake. The attention to detail is remarkable and the gameplay feels just like the original. I'd love to see a full game like this in the future. Great job!

Great demake of P.T.! I really enjoyed playing this game and it brought back memories of the original. I did encounter the 'Kernel Panic' error during my first playthrough, which prevented me from progressing. However, I tried again and focused only on the essential interactions, and was finally able to beat the game. Highly recommend it.
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Hi there! I was able to beat the game and I wanted to leave a review to say that this game is a fantastic demake recreation of the original Silent Hill 2. The attention to detail is impressive and it really captures the atmosphere of the original game.

However, I did experience a few bugs during my playthrough, including the elevator softlock bug. I had to transfer my SaveRam file to a different build (Dec-3-2021) to get past it, but unfortunately, that build had even more bugs, so I saved my progress right before exiting the hospital and transferred my SaveRam file back to the previous build. Despite the bugs, I really enjoyed playing this game and highly recommend it to any Silent Hill fan.

I just finished playing the game and I have to say it was really fun! I couldn't put it down until I beat it. I also did some digging around in the game files and found a shotgun sprite, so I'm pretty sure there's a secret shotgun weapon you can unlock.

Wow! How can a fan game be so good? I've made a full walkthrough and I was able to find every secret in this game (including the secret boss and Ikki's story).

Thank you for this masterpiece. I really hope you do a sequel in the future.

This one was not very family-friendly but was really good.

I got jumpscared in the main menu, LOL.

I'm pretty sure they're some type of aliens, LOL. It was fun. In my first try I didn't got the flashlight for some reason and got upset because everything was really dark, but then I noticed my mistake and started again.

It was really good. Loved the concept.

It was interesting. I decided to take a good look at those coordinates.

That final jumpscare... LOL.

Finally, a good alien abduction horror game. Can't wait for the full release.

The ending was very disturbing. Maybe you could consider making a sequel.

Wow, it was awesome. Found the secret ending by accident (a very unfortunate accident LOL).

Most of the game happens in just one room, but it was awesome.

That face at the beginning was a hell of a scare.

This game was awesome. Maybe you could make a sequel or another one in the same style.

I loved the slow transition from nice to creepy.

I wasn't expecting any jumpscare, that's probably the reason I got jumpscared.

Kinda weird but I like the concept.

Looks really promising so far. Can't wait for the full release.

Very short, but very creepy.

Weird. In one of your screenshots there's something on the TV. But when I played the TV didn't show anything.

Very cryptic. You did a great job with the Doom engine.

I really like your games. This is one of the best.

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Youtube channel simulator.

So I guess Satan really likes cars.

Played both chapters 1 and 2. It was fun. I just wish the game was longer.

I think I saw some snakes... but maybe it's just my imagination.

Can't wait for a sequel. I want to know more about what's happening.

It was actually really fun. Never played these type of games before.

Looks very promising.

Very creative, I would play a full length game like this for sure.

More than a short walking simulator.

The concept itself is very creepy.

It was very shot but interesting.

What made this game scarier for me was the resemblance of his face to my cousin's.

It was scary times, but I'm glad it's better now.

I was expecting some jumpscares, but it was already scary enough.