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Marcos Donnantuoni

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Thanks for the ideas!

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback!

I'll take it into account for the sequel I'm making.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.

Excellent initiative! I would like to donate a game:


Don't despair! You will get it.

Yay, a success case! :)

You're welcome! I hope the solver was useful :)

I don't know how to configure that, sorry!

Thanks for playing! I'll see the video later today. I hope you did not get very frustrated (I cannot understand your language but sometimes seeing the sequence of undos/resets is indicative enough :) )

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the video :)

Thank you! It was a somewhat rushed release, but perhaps in the future I'll explore the mechanic more deeply for another game.

Thank you very much!


The levels are sorted by complexity, but apart from that are arbitrary.

I plan to, but at the moment the steam fee is too much for me.

Thanks! Don't despair!


¡Gracias, saludos!

Impressive idea!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

The goal is to explore the islands to collect the wisdom the natives left painted in the walls. But to achieve that you must solve the puzzles...

I cannot yet make a switch port, but a mobile one is planned (with some tweaks in the rules to make it more playable with touch screens).

Thank you!


Definitely, I must make a second version with more levels I made.

Very nice so far! A detail: sometimes I loss some text because of directional keys dismissing the dialog boxes :(

I'm planning to do a mobile port, but I have no time at the moment. Perhaps during my next vacations...

Good idea!

Only the first three levels are hand-made (the tutorial ones, that teach how the different pieces work).

The rest are thousands of pre-generated and classified puzzles, and they are selected randomly to make each  game unique.

I pre-generated them in order to make the game run smoothly. The generation and classification are very CPU-consuming.

Great, thanks for the info!

Very  nice game! I'll explore the "big level separated into zones" style in my next games...

Oh, I see! I'll study the possibility. Thanks!


I'm considering it, after I add some more features and better art.

In the meantime, I trust the word-of-mouth of puzzle lovers :)

Thanks for playing it! I hope you can play it more in your free time :)

It's really impressive how you make those 3D landscapes on the fly. Congrats!

Thanks! Rest assured, all puzzles are solvable.

Very intriguing game!


Very good!

Thanks for all the comments, people! I will enhance and optimize the gallery in the future, perhaps adding different modes of generation.

Very nice concept and graphics!