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Marcos Donnantuoni

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Thanks! :)

The game is built for the web, it does not have a downloadable version. Perhaps I'll make a more complete version one day in another engine :)

Sorry for the dead link to the harder version! I deleted it some time ago. I'll delete the link.


Very nice! I wonder if there is a way to change the default keyboard controls; it would be easier for me to use the arrow keys for example.


Congratulations! Very nice and challenging game!

It's looking impressive! I have to learn more about shaders myself... :)


All suggestions are welcome! This one is perhaps a bit difficult to implement, but it's certainly intriguing! I'll think about it. Thanks!

Good questions! I don't have the answers yet...


This is really amazing! Congratulations, impressive implementation and levels!

What a great game mechanic!

I also could use an educational metaphor: the player learns certain skill, which prepares them to the next skill, etc... Perhaps it's more friendly than the bureaucratic theme.

Thank you for the kind words! It's true that in the original there were many opportunities for trial and error. I hope in the sequel I can minimize that.

Don't worry, there will be sounds (and possibly music) in the sequel :)

Other mechanics to try are multi-push (pushing several actuators in a row), and pushing actuators to the water (this would make the deleters obsolete).

I suspect there will be no "main path" :) but perhaps there will be some things to discover in the "leaf" islands, so I tend to concur.

Is the camera rotation too much for this kind of games? I tend to like it, but perhaps it's not necessary if I can keep the puzzle size in control (the other direction would be to add camera zoom).


Great! I hope I can play more tonight, the mechanics I tried are very promising!

Gracias :)

Very glad! The third part is coming...

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the review, it brightened my day :)

Not at the moment; I'll look into that. (I'm also from Argentina btw :) )




Good idea!

Mysterious indeed! Nice work.

Congrats! I also believe it's the maximum.

Thanks! Sadly I lost the source code of the project on a filesystem accident. If I reconstruct the game I'll enhance the readability.

Thanks for the ideas!

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback!

I'll take it into account for the sequel I'm making.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.

Excellent initiative! I would like to donate a game:


Don't despair! You will get it.

Yay, a success case! :)

You're welcome! I hope the solver was useful :)

I don't know how to configure that, sorry!

Thanks for playing! I'll see the video later today. I hope you did not get very frustrated (I cannot understand your language but sometimes seeing the sequence of undos/resets is indicative enough :) )