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Here it is a possible solution: (l = left, r = right, etc)

urdru lddrr ululd drdlu uuldr rrdrl ldluu lldrl lrur

Impressive work!

Glad to know! Enjoy!

I just uploaded a new build, I hope it solves the performance issue.

Sorry to read that! We'll take a look later today at the performance aspect of the game and make a new build if possible. Thanks for reporting!

Thanks again for playing! Subscribed :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the kind  words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I have several ideas for variations on this theme, some day will generate them.

Neat theme and puzzles!

Thank you very much!

Thanks, it was a genuine effort to reach that level :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice mechanics!

sorry for such a heretic use of PuzzleScript :)

Glad you find it useful! let me know if you use it, I love to try new puzzle games.


Thank you!

This is genius. The parsimonious walking speed adds so much to the experience :)

Nice! I feel like a Maxwell's Angel :)

(1 edit)

Not at all! Perhaps they felt a bit cheated by a unbeatable game :)


Don't worry! It's not supposed to be beatable. It's made for Ludum Dare 50, which has the theme "Delay the inevitable"... that's why it's unbeatable. I suppose I should have made the clarification in the description...

Really impressive idea and levels!


Cogitations would be a very good name for this game!

Very ingenious mechanics! Planning is almost embedded in the rules.


Excellent idea and execution!

Amazing idea! Not solved yet, but will keep trying.


Impressive theming and execution!

Totally possible! I did not have much time for testing :)

Thanks for playing!

Yes! I have to decide between several options.

Thanks! I'll think about fleshing out more the game in the future.

I don't know if there is some analytical solution, but surely if there is, you can find it!

Very good scores! I don't know if they are optimal.


You can make 12.

Also, try other board sizes (with left/right arrow keys).

Thanks for playing!