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Marco McGowan

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Thanks for playing our game! Very useful feedback, the confirm button in the menus should now be automatically selected so you can tap enter or spacebar immediately to continue. 

The clipped UI issue should be fixed now

Thanks for playing the game, I'm glad you had fun! What UI scaling issues were you having on pc? The game was intended to be both for pc and mobile. When you say that some combinations refresh the page, do you mean clicking some of the buttons in the candy creation screen refresh the page? Any info you can give use to troubleshoot these problems would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hello, Tom. Yes, the gameplay goal wasn't very clear when we originally submitted the game; due to running out of time in the jam. If you're still interested in playing the game, it has been updated to include better explanations, and all the content that didn't make it into the previous build before the submission deadline has been added.