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Marcin Mądzik

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Thank you very much. The game was inspired by Thomas ligotti, the book "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" to be exact. I haven't read Plato's cave, maybe I should, thanks. I wonder if I should start a kickstarter. I would like the full version to have an original soundtrack. I would like the full version to be at a higher level in terms of programming and design. And it will be time consuming for sure.

Thanks for playing my game <3 . The game is currently in a demo version. I wonder whether to work on the full version or, at the same time, start creating another game. Of course, in its style: D Btw in its full version, the knife that the player gets was also used to murder other mutants. The player would be able to either help other mutants or drive them to madness. The world would also be bigger. Visit my social media like instagram.

Thanks for playing my game <3

thank you very much, I will see if I will continue the story of the game.

<3 <3 <3

Wow thanks for playing my game. I'm sorry that I posted it earlier in Polish. I will be creating an English version in the near future. As for the 9:24 ending, it's a placeholder ending as it's a demo version. In the full version there is to be a corridor in which you can interact with other mutants or even kill them, falling into greater madness. Please visit my Instagram and other social media to keep track of my progress. Once again, I am very happy that my game was noticed