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How do you shoot?

so difficult it is unplayable

nice music, visually it's not bad.

Great game - but in all honest the AS DF GH JK control scheme just doesn't work for me.  I think mouse or touch control would be a lot more fun.

Still fantastic work.

dead link here

Nice work!  Totally addictive little game here!  I had to wrench myself away after reaching level 17.  This is the kind of thing you could jazz up graphically and market for kiddie tablets. Fun for adults too!

Ok, looks nice... box rotates, ball is released on click... hits wall, shatters... rinse and repeat... Something appears to be missing... anyways, love your other work!

Fantastic!  Very slick, great concept, great execution.  It really captures that elusive quality of addictiveness that makes for a great casual game.  The one criticism I have from the start is the long screen of text at the beginning -- my eyes aren't what they used to be.  I'd suggest extreme frugality with text (especially since the font itself is hard to read) and instead rely on some initial audio with options for player to quick reference any text pertaining to rules or nature of cards.  I can see you are probably shooting for a retro look with the choice of font but it is just too much effort to read.  I LOVE how you altered the cards and tweaked the standard Blackjack rules and the game is well balanced.  Your choice of music is spot on too and the animation and the tweening -- it's all spot on.  This is a game I will definitely support by purchasing on Steam.  

Very ice - I love to see good stuff in AGK!  Not nearly enough out there!  I would suggest adding more game play elements and to avoid relying too much on the jumping mechanic.  These jumps are tough and frustrating.  I get it though - it does a good job replicating the old school NES feel where coodination, timing, and skill were everything.

I love it!  Beautiful!  I needn't mention though:  it lags like crazy for me too so I can't play it :(...  And I am running a pretty high spec machine.  I'm wondering what the consensus is here -- is this to be expected with all AGK Tier 1 exports to HTML5?  Or does the code simply beg optimization?  

I ask because I am considering AGK for my own games - but I will definitely be wanting to submit to games portals.

wow! Slick!

Wow, how do you get that neon effect?  Lovely!

Nice - very slick and polished.

Very cool!  I think there is a logic issue for the 6th or 7th level... the level generated looks like there may be no solution.  Otherwise - fantastic!

Very cool looking - but add more lives... player dies before even orienting to the game

no zombies!

its not working - just a blank black screen

:(  please fix this it looks cool