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You can clear the browser's local storage

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Thank you so much, I appreciate your valuable feedback! I'm not working on it anymore but maybe I'll get back to it in the future.

Hi! You have to delete the data from the local storage in the application tab in the developer tools (if you are using Google Chrome). I apologize for not having a reset feature.

Looks very good! Reminds me of Warcraft

Hello, this is great. But can you please place numbers on your animation illustration above in the banner and rename your files with the corresponding numbers so that it's easy to identify? It's kinda hard to look for the files that match the specific animation in the banner. Thank you

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When serving a hot drink, you must use a paper cup. (It's mentioned in the setup screen if you play for the first time but I'm aware it is lacking in guidance for the player during actual gameplay)

Oh, yeah yeah, I forgot to mention that setting your price too high will lower the chances of customers "entering" your shop. The tutorial is so lacking. I apologize to all the players. I might remake this one in the future now that I have much more experience.

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Thanks for the feedback! I realize that it lacks info on how many people can arrive depending on the location. The traffic representation in the level select is useless. If I remember correctly 'Neighborhood' level can have 5-10 customers so you can start with a few cups and ingredients.

Looks good! Will you make boss monsters?

Thanks for your feedback. There's an instruction when you get to the inventory screen for the first time and it includes a note saying you need a paper cup for drinks that are hot. And lastly, in the game screen, hot and cold corresponds to red and blue. Isn't that enough? I agree it lacks on some parts such as F and H which means full and half fill which may not be immediately obvious.

At the left side of the table, there's a trash can

Oh  I see. I was assuming the mega item pack to have all your items.

Will you make a fruit item pack?

Because you filled it all the way, you can't put milk anymore. You should only fill half of the tea

you need to use a paper cup instead of plastic :)

Cungeon Drawler

what you mean?

Will you please add a transition animation from Idle 1 to Idle 4 on hero sword character?


Free to use commercially? Is this CC0?

How did you get testers?

Amazing background!! Can you make other color schemes for it? (mountain range and skies)

It has 2 endings. When you open it, don't open it again as it resets some sort of timer and I didn't bother to fix it.

Very good! Please make a centaur that stomps (front feet) the ground and create fissure.

Why is the spear thrower attacking in melee when he is supposed to throw his spears?

The sway of the cape in the idle animation is weird and it moves too much.

Can we also edit (colors, additional parts, different weapon, etc.) the asset to fit our game?

Bought this pack. Thank you! I just wished it had an animation in the throne from sitting to standing.

Thanks for playing! I agree it's hard for mouse input. It's probably better for mobile.