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Lyi Ihlv

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so i have most of the rpg maker programmes and i noticed this was made in vxace when i tried to open it because it opened in the editor of vxace. also i noted the resolution is very janky and cuts off alot of the bottom and right sides to where i cant see the characters below their face sprites in combat. just wanted to let the dev know their game is openable in the base maker and that the resolution is very janky. id have to reinstall to provide screenshots but if its needed i can do so!

is ai used at any point in creative development for the novel? like in art or anything like that? it wasnt stated anywhere and i was just trying to make sure no ai generated content is present before i decide to download and play this novel. i appreciate any of the developers response when they can take time to do so.

is ai used at any point in your asset creation process? unfortunately its not a requirement for content creators to specify this yet so i have to ask every time i go to download something. i appreciate and calmly await your reply, thanks friend.

look i just wanted to point out an error in the visuals so you could fix it if you wanted to. i was just trying to help you as a fellow indie developer.

do you use ai generator programmes for your art? i just wanted to make sure as unfortunately its not required for content creators to state if they do or not. i appreciate and calmly await your reply! :3

hey so i noticed a CG bug with rylan when you get to his room for clothes during the beginning of the game. when you ahem romance him, the cg for his climax actually doesnt go away despite him getting dressed and his face expression changing. not sure if i can post a screenshot and im not sure how to censor my text on here. i wanted to share this so the developer could possibly fix it

is any of the art used AI generated to any capacity? i wasnt sure if developers had to state this legally yet and i hope it gets instated as a law soon if it isnt. nothing against the game itself i was just curious if AI was used to draw any of the art.