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my favorite game on itch.

velocity needs to be > 3. Thanks!

needs a data file to be playable.

doesnt work

asks for a data file.

looks cool tho.

game is fun although could use some more polish, the viewport could be skinnier and everything could move slightly slower, clamping the players x position to the screen could be useful so you dont win just by walking off the screen, you could add like a distance to earth meter at the bottom, cute little game and I found the earth to be quite humorous and funny. Keep making games!

cute little game, fun to explore, controls are a little slow, enemies dont feel very powerful, with some better guidance on where to go, some further direction, a few powerups, and faster movement, I could see this becoming a full game!

very rough, needs a lot of polish, but still cute, i would appreciate if it matched the theme a little better though. I think with some time it could be really fun!

cute little game,  if you plan to improve it ever i recommend: Some audio effects, a high score system , enemy variation, and maybe different characters, environments, and abilities. very cute game.

hidden evil.

25 different assets!

Plz join the discord to access the game.

Awesome I will!

What do you think of the game? where can it go? how can I improve?

Thank you! it means a lot, my goal is to get better as a game dev, and I love to get feedback

Thanks for the feedback!

wish i could, but unfortunately, there was a problem exporting

Tell me what you think about the game?