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Well, now what? I'm waiting for morning and i don't know it it's dead. No idea. 

This looks interesting but i haven't download it. If you have english version, I'll definitely download this right away...

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Good but, I actually needed the skip button for the seen text to get all endings. It takes a lot of days to finish it. I only got 1 ending cause i feel bored to read it but it's great visual novel.

Okay, good game. I finished the 2 endings. Good voiceacting but somehow boring. The drawing is great! 

Good job! 

Good game but it's very laggy on android when i played it (i also struggling on 15x15. Good thing there's no 30x30) other than that, Great job. (by the way before i delete the game, i only finished 1 ending cause of game lag). 

You know, i tried playing this after downloading this game on PlayStore. But i came back here because of the thing that changes me. You made me an idea to make fanart of that person. I Like Crabs... 

I played this game and it's cool. 

The last part (the argument part), is the finny part cause of the bad finger and the rock and roll hand pose. 

Great job making this game! 

The illustration is very cute and the story is so touchng and wholesome.

Great story. The story is kinda loop and you choose whether you go good side or bad side.

Good game, i like it

I can't find tho tenth rat. Could it be in the rabbit? How can i pass through the rabbit? Is there any clues? 

Finished the game, also bought crown

Very difficult for me, i can't do it. I'm stuck.  :/

I got the new friend ending.

Cute :)

That was short and simple. I like it.

This story very touching. I guess that is why the name of the title is "Shellside Inn". Great story. 

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Level 5 and finale is hard tbh :/ . Good game. 

Compatible with android. It's good. 😍

I'm a mobile user so i use android. 

Too bad, i can't play it  :(

Good game. I love it.

Aw😥 the game got remove :(

Too bad, i can't play this on mobile phone 😔

This is a cool comic to be honest. Cool art and nice short story. 

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I need this! I would wish this has an Android version. I'm also a fan of picross/nonogram games like this. 

Too short :/

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I like the game the brain confuses me and I'm stuck at freezing part...

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😭😭😭 That was so sad! What will happened if i click yes?

Update: I click yes ant it starts on the beginning (No spoiler) 

I didn't expect this. I was randomly finding some on and then i saw this. I'm also a fan of DA Games. Cool design. Keep it up the good work...

Update: This is so sad. Kinda cool story even this is so short. Thanks for the tip (I'm so sorry for being a dumb person to not using an auto rotate). 

Huawei y6 

Oh, so there were actually 5 endings? (secret ending counted) i only did one ending. Guess, i just have to play this game again... 

I can't tilt it, whenever i open it, it's portrait. 

Okay, that's short.

I don't know what happened, it's like this on my phone. 

I download this on PlayStore and it was quite good.

I already know that, this was posted before luni deleted it on PlayStore (obviously seen it on youtube, this is an old comment). 

I don't really get the game but the artstyle is cute.