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such a cute little game! i loved the different pitches of the message bubbles, it really added to the feel of the game. the pacing of the bubbles was also perfectly timed to my reading speed, which was nice. the game really captured the vibe of chatting with ur best friend, talking about everything and nothing with some totally uncalled for burns, haha

this is one of the best VNs i've ever played oh my god. It's so relatable it hurts, especially that painfully accurate weeb chatspeak and the "a healthy relationship with your parents? what's that?"

i'm canadian, but the experience is still so real lmao. especially the "holy shit white people!!" feel because i totally grew up in an asian elementary school and had the same reaction to seeing a bunch of white people for the first time haha

thank you so much for bringing this game to life. it's everything i've ever wanted in a VN and more. i probably won't be able to stop talking about this for the next two months