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Thank you for playing! 💖 We enjoyed your video and glad you had fun 😊

Thank you! It makes us happy to hear you enjoyed the game so far.

Thanks for playing! So glad you enjoyed the game :) 

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the game! :)

The game is currently on hold. We are working on other projects and unsure when we can continue it.

Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed the game! We have plans to complete the VN :) 

Thank you :)

No problem :) 

Make sure your sounds are on because when you click on each ingredient, you can hear it get selected. After you pick all your ingredients, did you click Create? It is on the top center. 

Thank you for playing! ^^ We're glad you enjoyed the game!

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Very unique concept and gameplay. I was excited to play another cute witchy game like H3X F0R H1R3, but the game also froze at the incantation part :(  I know this game is unfinished, but I hope you make more cute witchy games :) -Anna

Thanks for playing and leaving us feedback! We're glad you still enjoyed the demo even though it was short. We changed the zip files, so thanks for bringing that to our attention. Hopefully it is more convenient to launch the game now. 

I look forward to the complete game! I really enjoyed the elegant writing matching the style of art and music. As well as how the characters bow/move when then they interact. Sophia is my favorite character so far, and it's a pleasant surprise to see a cat-loving character, especially one to romance. -Anna

This game is gushing with cuteness. I love the art. And the Tofurky caught me off guard XD - Anna

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Fun little game! :) Very nice art, music, and gameplay! I like the visual novel/attacking system mix. -Anna

Glad you enjoyed our game! :) Thanks for sharing your video!

I really enjoyed this cute RPG game! I love the art and humor, especially those cute creatures. The ending was sweet. -Anna

I love the pixel art and effects :) Very cute little game! -Anna

Thanks for playing and making a video! This is our first game, so it was short :) The game was also meant to be spooky not horror. 

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Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the game :) We noticed you encountered errors in the living room, so we have fixed those issues with the new update. Thanks for making a video and including a link to the webcomic!

Glad our game reached its purpose haha! We're happy you enjoyed the game. Thanks for sharing your video! :)

We enjoyed your video! Thanks for playing and giving our game positive feedback! :)

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I just finished the demo and would like to say this RPG is fun and unique! I love the enemy designs, cute art, and gay magical girl theme (yuri + magical girl = <3). Is this game still in development? I'm really looking forward to more :) -Anna