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I'll try that, thank you!

This is excellent, a great follow-up to the original! The desktop version could use improvement on the scrolling for different options -- it is extremely slow and takes a very long time to scroll through each option. otherwise perfect, and i'll check out on mobile.

Love this game! But I feel dumb.. how do you give the footcream to the villager? Keep up the great work

I loved this! It reminds me a lot of the Room and games like that. Quite enjoyed it and ran into no technical issues

I had waaaaay too much fun with this lol so good

this please! great game!

I opened the game and saw the disclaimer LOL

Will I get any spoilers playing this game?? 

This one was surprisingly fun with just the right amount of challenge. Great job!

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Anybody else get that creepy ending after playing enough times? >.> this game is great. keep up the good work!

Could not get it to play

I love it so far. Awesome art style and great selections. Wish there were a few more outfit options, and i think the outfit color 2 is broken -- it never seems to change anything when i click it.

I hope to see some updates in the future! This was fun and surprisingly intriguing and mysterious.