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8:14, that was pretty cool for a short escape game!

I'm absolutely loving the game! It's perfect for my work breaks, and the genre combination makes it SOOO enjoyable! 

on the bad side, while trying to play it on my phone I found the crap bootleg copies, which made me incredibly sad, since this game def deserves dev support. Stopped playing the copy immediately after I realized it was the same concept. All the love to PUNKCAKE! 

Not trying to be that kinda guy, but I'm pretty sure it's possible. You can configure both the game and any DLC to have a zip file in the root folder. Other indie games do this for artbooks, for example.

I 300% ADORE this game. Probably my favorite queer writing style since VA11 Hall-a, and everything comes together so nicely, great music, simple yet complex gameplay, gahhh this is so good I stg

can we get a community discord going? I'd love to discuss this game and similar ones/other games from this dev with likeminded people