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A member registered Jul 14, 2022

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I accidently didnt record my screen for a couple of minutes.., but it was still a fun little game!

Such a COOL concept i loved it!

Cool concept!

Pretty sweet game!

And i honestly mean it with the title, actually an amazing game, deserves way more support!

title says it all

Fun, only a couple of bugs BUT still very fun!

Wow...such an AMAZING game!!!

It scared me a good couple of times, good game!

Very fun!

This is actually quite cool!


That last enemy was very exiting!

Short but sweet!

A lot of fun!

Fun concept!

Very fun style!

Great game!

I really enjoyed it!

Nice demo!

I had a lot of fun with this!

Very fun! 

Very shorts but very nice!

Very good game!

Very fun game!, only i did not know how to get back into the car in the end sadly, but other than that i really enjoyed it!

Nice game! I did die a gruesome death..

I DID NOT GET ANOTHER SMOOCH AT THE END!!!, nah nah but for real tho very good game!

Very fun game but my iq was waay to low for that last level!

Very fun game!


and in general a pretty good game!

Short but sweet!

Very interesting game!

This game terrified me SO much, great job!

Fun little game!

This was honestly one of the best games well demo i played recently!