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Mans Too Lit

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I never played the first demo but it's cool to see them give credit to the original devs. As a sonic fan, I loved playing it - 

I can see you had fun making this game. Truly, a horrifying experience. I'm now scared of my microwave - 

Definitely game of the year 


I got to the end! I think that's what it was right? Took me a lot of tries but it was worth it in the end. I had a lot of fun playing this! 

Pretty neat. Got jumpscared by words 10/10

I love a good point and click horror game

He just wanted to be homies 

Great job Dev! I'm sure Lixian would be proud. Can't wait for the coffee game!

Title of the game checks out lol I had a lot of fun playing this

I had a lot of fun playing this! Her scares definitely didn't scare me though *coughcough* haha Thanks for making this game

Thank you I appreciate that! I'm happy to see you're already making updates to the game as well. I'll play the new update very soon.

God Bless my friend 🔥

Keep up the amazing work! It's amazing that you created this game by yourself. Looking forward to many more Chapters or the full release in the future!

That intro is too hype! Sound design is good too. I hope there will be more in the future! 

I've been meaning to play this for over a year, and even after that year- cheeks have been tightly clenched. Great short spooky game! 

This game got me good! I for real had to change my pants haha (To be fair I had bubble guts) Great job devs!

YOO, I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE! I played the first alpha last year and Alpha 2.0.1 hits way  different. I saw some YouTuber's who had 2.0.8 and I can't wait to try "Yangire" and "Yandere" mode. Hard is definitely a great addition. The AI is WAY harder/scarier than what she was and I enjoyed every second. (I am not a masochist).

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I like the atmosphere of the game, definitely had some chills. Definitely have some slenderman vibes from this one. The first jump scare got me pretty good haha 

This game gave me the chills and I had a few jumps! Great job on the atmosphere Devs! 10 days?? That's crazy. 

One of my weirdest fears is being trapped on a toilet and being haunted while pooping, DEAD SERIOUS. I played this game during my 3 Scary Games Series! It was the first game I played in this video. Great job Devs!

Ok! This was VERY spooky. The atmosphere and music was very fitting and I nearly crapped my pants. I played this apart of my 3 Scary Games Series! In this video it was the second game. Keep it up Devs!

played this game apart of my "3 Scary Games" Series! This was the last game I played in this video but yo! definitely freaky. Instead of being the Yandere, the Yandere chases you!

great job on this game devs! Love the multiple ending concept and the original monster design!

you did a good job with the atmosphere!

gave me the creeps a little! great work 

This game will forever night my mare's. Great Job devs! Buying the official release on steam 💯 

Played this during my "3 scary games" series! Like the lore for how short it is also the art style is pretty neat! it definitely had a lot of spooks to it 👍

Played this apart of a "3 scary games" series and I got a little spooked 😂 Great job!