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loved it very nice and funny game. creepy athmosphere

very very funny game. Laughed alot.. end was too short. loved it (almost bricked up)

keep up the great work guys.


great game really very scary. I pooped myself, that was a great feeling

VERY GOOD SOMETHING FUNNY AND SCARY. Pants unfortunately wet with fear. keep up

the game was hella scary bro my pampers now are wet af great game!

great game really enjoyed this one keep up fantastic work boyz.

very nice enjoyed was a very funny game and a little scary

very nice game Ishowspeed should try this. I screamed and peed in my pants, But I had some bugs with shooting the blue monster, maybe fix it next time. 7/10 Horror Game

very good game with good graphik, Garden of BanBan Vibes - in Germany we say "Mashallah das geile Spiel"

very nice creepy horror game - jumpscare let me bark!

Nice game, Jumpscare killed me.

one of my favorite short horror gaems!

nice game very funny sounds 

unglaublich Gruselig. Ist was für jeden Horror Fan, HamHam wenn du das siehst zock das mal - lohnt sich