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Very beautiful!

Thank you so much for the observation and the report you left me. I will no doubt revisit the joystick routine in the future.

I also thank you for the nibbler version for the C64 which I honestly had never seen or don't remember: I tried it and it is much easier than my Serpland.
I'm debugging my little game, if you need help in any particular level, try to let me know.
Thanks again.

The snake responds well to commands: you just have to be agile! You have to be quick in a short amount of time to make the snake change direction. I guarantee you: even I am not a galactic player, I can still finish the thirty-ninth level which requires professional skill. But anyway, the point is this: I made it too hard. I want to make it less difficult and more enjoyable. For this I will also look at the command routine. However, I'll give you some advice: you can use different tools. For example the keyboard or a gamepad if you can't use the joystick: each of us behaves differently depending on the medium we use.

Thank you again for the feedback. Let me know where you get to. HI.

Congratulations, you are a good player!
I encourage you to continue even if the fifth and sixth, I won't say the seventh, are quite difficult then, from the tenth onwards, there are four or five more feasible schemes.
However, the fifth one requires a bit of skill because you immediately have to do the part on the left of the screen. Maybe in the future I will remove it or make it easier.
I wish you a good match. Goodbye and thanks.

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Since some have complained about the speed of the third level, I leave you the instructions to normalize it.

1) load the image "Serpland.d64"
2) write: LOAD"BOOT",8
3) type these lines:
2000 NEXTZ
2010 POKE41370,120
2020 SYS8135
4) write: RUN

Good game!

Yes, other players have also complained about the speed of the third level and so now I'm inserting the note to normalize the speed of the third level in a new comment above us.
I decided to follow your advice and make the development page but not for small things such as the speed of the third level only when there will be a nice block of news such as when all the imperfections and small shortcomings will be fixed. If you play it again let me know what level you have reached.
Thanks for the feedback.


Glad to hear you. The fourth level is not difficult and is done just as you wrote! However, I'm sorry: despite all, I made this game a little too difficult. It would be much nicer if it were easier. In fact, I'm rewriting it: I really intend to improve it in terms of playability, graphics and all the other elements. If the third level remains so difficult for you, I can give you the poke to change the speed and make it return to normal. I'm glad you like it. Bye.


Good version of the snake game with different things to collect. Beautiful and colourful.

Really interesting game of its kind with very good graphics and sound.

It reminds me of the snake game as it appeared on some cell phones years ago.

This reinterpretation of snake game where you have to answer questions is original and beautiful.

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This snake game made in basic is very cute.

This union of the snake theme with the dungeon theme is very nice. The interlude with the magician who transforms the stars into keys is also very nice. I also really like the theme song. Compliments!

This game is very cute. Simple to play but fun with great graphics and music.

Very original idea! Congratulations for the graphics with its details and sound.

Truly the fastest snake game I've ever played. Thiny but beautiful.

I've just started and it will take some time, maybe a lot, I don't know. I will let you know for sure. However, a cracked version of the Hokuto Force group, of which I am a member, will soon be released: if you are interested, I will let you know. Many thanks, goodbye.

Hi, I'm very very happy that you liked my game. I wanted to tell you two things: first, that in the comments you can find the instructions for infinite lives; second, that I'm working on its improvement... maybe there will be enough new things to call it Serpland II. I'll let you know for sure.
Thanks for the video.

Thank you so much for writing to me: I agree on all the topics you've touched on.

I entered the infinite lives to give the player the opportunity to see all the levels and also the ending. It's not a great move but someone on csdb cracked my game and this crack isn't even that good.

The best thing was to immediately solve the third level problem: something I've done only in the last few days (if you're interested, I'll send you the poke).

The idea of inserting points based on time or numerous precious objects is very nice: I will try to insert it.

At the moment I'm in contact with a group called Hokuto Force who intend to put me in their group and launch a better crack made by them. But I don't know when they will.

Maybe on Itchio I will publish the development page with version 1.1, as you say too, where the speed of the third level will be adjusted. Thank you very much. Until we meet again.


Siccome alcuni si sono lamentati della difficoltà del terzo livello, vi lascio le istruzioni per le vite infinite.

1) caricate l'immagine "Serpland.d64"

2) scrivete: LOAD"BOOT",8

3) digitate queste righe:

2000 NEXTZ

2010 POKE17317,234

2020 POKE17318,234

2030 POKE17319,234

2040 SYS8135

4) scrivete: RUN

Buona partita!

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Thanks a lot for this video!

I see that a lot of users have some difficult in the third level.

For this reason I post now the instructions for infinite lives.

Thank you for the attention.

I have followed your advice. I'm waiting for an answer.

Thanks so much!

Grazie tante! Sono molto contento che ti sia piaciuto.

Sul terzo livello hai ragione: la velocità deve essere aggiustata... In realtà voglio rivederlo per farlo diventare un gioco migliore.

Se vuoi provarlo con vite infinite, senza tempo, ecc... puoi andare su CSDB dove è presente una versione craccata.

Grazie ancora per averlo fatto vedere al pubblico su Twitch.

I'm glad you like it: it's a game I made 35 years ago and that Simulmondo didn't publish for me!

I'm looking for someone who intends to improve it, including English lyrics. Would you be willing? Due to time constraints, I can't...

Or, do you know someone who would?

Many thanks for your attention.

Good day.

I'm sorry that you don't have much time available either: if you find any, let me know and I'll give you the codes for infinite lives.

Do you know the CSDB site well? I saw that they cracked my game the other day... I just had to laugh. Why do they do this with many of the games that come out?

Do you think these people can help me improve the game? They seem to be very familiar with the machine...

Anyway, could you advise where to post my announcement on CSDB? I saw that the site is very large ...

Thank you so much for your attention. I send you my best regards.

Thank you.

I'm very glad you liked it!

The game for some things needs to be reviewed. You're right: in the third level the snake goes too fast. But it's just a trick that, as you say, I should have put later... In fact, in the fourth level the speed returns to normal!

Could you record gameplay up to the ending? I give you the codes for infinite lives and we post it on the game page.

The snake always stops when the player has the choice to go to its right or left. To prevent the player from using these pauses too much, there is "TEMPO" which you can see at the bottom left.

I put "game for windows" because this is my first time using the Itch platform to publish a game and I don't know how to use it well. I'll follow your advice: it's better to put "game for the Commodore 64". I'll edit it as soon as I can.

The C64 scene is reborn and it's really very beautiful, interesting and challenging.

Are you a programmer?

Thanks again for your attention.