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I'd read that :D

Thank you! That was actually a intentional chose to have less horror in the middle part, since in the story you're not alone in that part, but I understand that it might be a bit off :) But thank you for your critique!

Sorry, somehow I completely missed your first comments! oAo' Unfortunately there already is someone working on a portuguese translation.. Thank you for your interest though!

Thank you for the article! :) It was a really nice read!

Haha actually it's not an intentional reference to that song :'D I came up with the title randomly when I was thinking fake book names for my previous game. And when I googled it to see if it is used somewhere, of course google suggested that song too, so I thought it can also be reference to that. I guess that song was somewhere in back in my mind.

But thank you for playing and sharing you let's play! I laughed so hard to that missed Space Oddity reference song xD

And thank you for making and sharing the video! :)

Thank you! o/

Ok good to hear! Enjoy the game :)

Weird, it should be working. What happens when you try to download it?

Thank you! And yeah, I know what you mean :D I also prefer dark twists to stories, but since I always do that, for once I wanted make something more positive. But glad that you still liked it :)

This game was adorable and a sad story with an ending I definitely was not expecting! Atmosphere was nice, and I really liked the puzzle where you had to read riddles and choose the right path. But in the end the game fell a bit flat. I didn't feel like any of my choices really mattered (choose left or right is not a meaningful choice if player isn't given any reason why they would want to pick one over another.) Storytelling could also use a bit more polishing, also the puzzles could use more variety.  I also really recommend getting a proof-reader too, since there was some bizarre grammar. But overall there is a lot of potential in this game, and you had great amount of content in such a short time! Good job. I hope you all keep making games, since I sensed lot of passion towards this project. :)

Click the download button on the game's main page. There's also installation instruction.

Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

Haha that's good to hear, since I spend quite a lot of time looking for perfect tracks :'D But thank you!

Thank you for sweet comment! Happy to hear you liked it :3

Hi Mel! Yeah, you could translate the game, but I wanna wait until the contest is over, so I know what I'm going to do with this game :) So let's see then.

I really liked the writing, and I was sad when the game ended because I wanted to play more and see where the story was going. Good job, looking forward to play the rest of it! Only critique I have is the maps; Collisions were a bit odd sometimes and maps didn't really add that much to the game, so you could  just go full-blown visual-novel and have only static images as background. But good job and good luck with IGMC! :)

Couple of hours :) Fastest beat it in less than 1 hour, but most I've seen have been 2-3.

Hi! As long as it's not a commercial product, I'm fine with it :)

No, it's not. Sometime virus protectors get false positives on rpg maker .exe files and flag them as virus or malware, my security scan does that too.