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Couple of hours :) Fastest beat it in less than 1 hour, but most I've seen have been 2-3.

Hi! As long as it's not a commercial product, I'm fine with it :)

No, it's not. Sometime virus protectors get false positives on rpg maker .exe files and flag them as virus or malware, my security scan does that too.

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My game still doesn't have a name, but it's gonna be "a horror dating-sim."

You go to a bar after a long work day, and meet four individuals. By the end of the week, you've gotten to know one of the better,, but things might not have turned out how you were expecting.

I challenged myself to create a game that only takes place in one area and with a silent protagonist. I have a development blog at http://mannytsusgames.tumblr.com/ if you're interested to see how the game is coming along.


I really fell in love with your previous work, and thought your style could work really well on the game I'm planning to make. Shortly, it's a "horror sim-date", where you chill and talk with people in a bar, and as days progress, things get not so chill. I'm looking for calm and atmospheric songs, and some with creepy undertone. E-mail me at mannytsusgames[at]gmail.com if you're interested to talk more.

Anyways, you got some nice talent!