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Kinda late, but has it been fixed as of yet?

Hey guys, another failed launch. I can't seem to be able to launch the game, which sucks, because I really would like to try it.

TheAirlineProject Crashlog - Pastebin

Update: It'll just randomly start moving. Makes the game near unplayable.

Hey, just downloaded the game, and when I try to move the camera, it starts wobling and bouncing all over the place. It makes the game hard to play and is rather iritating.

Yeah, not listed in the tutorial section, which really should be named controls or just help. It's not really a tutorial.

What you should do is add pieces similar to brio trains and the like.$/RARE-Brio-SANTA-FE-Wooden-Train-With-3-_1.jpg

Hi all! here are my suggestions that might make the game a tad better than it already is!

  1. Separate keys for moving the camera up and down, like Q and E. At least make them separate from the up and down slope keys.
  2. Multi-direction junction. As nice as the current junctions are, they could use some improvement. I'll put some examples of what I mean below.
  3. Diagonal tracks and variable length. These would increase the possibility for creativity.
Thank you for making this game, this gives me the opportunity to bring back memories and build tracks I never could as a kid due to lack of time, space, or just plain running out of track to build with.