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Hey Kerillian! Can you link us to the place that you got your various extra Traits from?

If this doesn't show up in-game, you may just need to check your mods and make sure it's either A) actually installed or B) not corrupted. I believe the .package file is BonziBod.

Yeah, since I made that comment I started making some progress towards some mods of my own, but I get stuck when importing them into Studio, as they just don't show up... is a UV map necessary if the mesh data already has textures applied to it?

It's a custom purple one. Check in the body section instead of the head. Should have a wrench on it.


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I like the way a lot of your mods here turned out, and I was wondering if you could tell me the process for making mods like these? I can't find anything online about it. I am interested in making a few model imports like this myself, both for CAS and basic objects like SCP and the Pizza Chair, or even just textures like the BBQ Pit Boys Grill and the Varg Arcade Machine. I would really appreciate it!