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Here are my additional finding for chapter 5 (29th July):

New backgrounds do not load. At the beginning after waking up the scene should start at the J&J office, but still have the players room / PC as background. All scenes continue with this background through chaper  5.


When the client arrives:

Player: „The major!“ -typo it should spell „mayor“


Yu: „They are confidential documents, [missing player name], we have to sign them.“


Designing part:

Logo 1 does not show on the preview screen.


The new scenes after designing the logo does not ahve BGM (arriving at the office and Angie’s office until photo is shown)


Back from Angie‘s office:

Yu: „No, [missing player name], I was the one who did this, you have nothing to do with it.“

Ronnie: „The point ist hat no, no, no and no. This can‘t be like that, and you know it, [missing player name].“

Yu: „Let’s go, [missing player name], I’m going with you.“

Player: „And to think that i…“ -typo, it should be capital „I“


Sam’s message: „… It was not for me and less for you. Is not it, [missing player name]?“


On rooftop when Angie and Jagger offering the player a job:


Jagger gives you the same response regardless of which one the player picks:

Jagger: „Excellent. Welcome on board and to work. That festival must be ready.“ -He says „welcome on board“ even I am not accepting the job offer. Angie also acts like the player took the job offer.


After the Player says: „Just one thing…“:

Someone says: „What is it, [missing player name]?“ The name oft he player and the picture oft he player is displayed on the textbox even though it is someone elses text.

Player refers Yu as the bes Copy instead of Copywriter?


I finally had time to retest chapter 4 and it is nice to see that a new button to open the photo section for the mini games was added.

Here are my additional findings for chapter 4:

Going to smartphone menu will block the new save button (can not click on it). Saving will become available again after a new scene occurs.

For instance: After painting the faces at the beginning and open the smartphone menu it will block the save button until the new scene occurs. At the new scene (the meeting with the client) saving will be possible again.

Another example: At the very beginning oft he meeting open the menu will block the save button and it will be available again after unlocking the brief (new scene with Celeste, but at the same location).


After magazine was shown:

Angie: „You too, [missing player name]. Hurry up.“


At the meeting with the client:

The client is called „Francesca Di Baine“ at the meeting. Her bio says „Francesca Durand“.


After the meeting and back at the office:

Player: „Me pregunto que le pasara…“ (note: I play in English)


After Desgin part at the cafeteria:

Player: „That’s all I have.“ And right after:

Player: „That’s all I have. My parents don’t know anything about design, …“


At the theater, when Angie answers the player‘s question:

Angie. „[missing player name], I mus admit that I had my doubts about you… and still have some. But you have proven your skills over and over again.“


The scene after the theater, at the J&J office (with Ronnie and Angie) does not have BGM.


After the presentation Angie asks: „[Player]… Did you share information with Celeste?“ and you can asnwer with „Sí“ or „No“.

Answering with Sí/Yes will give you a bit of strange conversation:

The Player admits to Angie giving information to Celeste knowing it would cause damage to J&J (note for context: the player is lying in this case and did not give any information to Celeste):

Angie will then ask: "Why didn't you tell me?" The player will answer her with: "I was scared, and I am honestly.... sorry Angie" -It sounds strange that she would ask why the player would not tell her that information was given knowing it would damage the agency. The Player answer is fine, since it is a lie.

Angie: „You could have given her confidential information without realizing it!“ -But the player lied to her and just told her that he/she did share information.

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After alot of testing I think it would be nice if the savegames did have some info like chapter, date and time when you saved the game to distinguish the different save files. Also I updated the findings which I found was fixed.

Here are my additional findings (22nd July).

Chapter 2:

The missing player names was already mentioned, but I list it now with the actual text.

Before coming up with a plan (the scene before the photo shooting):

 Yu: „You’ve never listened to his music, [missing player name].“

 SAM: „Well, it’s time to have an internal meeting. [missing player name], have you heard oft he Sprint or Design Thinking methodology?“


I am not sure about the following line: Yu: „… I will work on the album with [missing name?].“ As the player will asnwer with „I will work with Yu.“  It could be that the player interupts Yu as she tries to finish her sentence.


2nd date with Yu: Yu: „Hi, [missing player name]“

Edit: Here are is more for chapter 3:

In the beginning, after being allowed to join the project:

Sam: „[missing player name], if you didn’t like coffee, this month you’ll develop a liking for it.“

Sam: „[missing player name], I know you will do very well.“

Ruby: „Hey, [missing player name]!“

Sam: „[missing player name], you have to investigate locations with water problems with YU.“

Yu: „Come on, [missing player name], altough it makes me nervous, I think this will be fun.“


After the brainstorming with Yu:

Ruby: „[missing player name], spin the bottle.“

Ronnie: „Gira la botella.“ (on all bottle spinning occasions)


Day after Truth or Dare:

Ronnie: „I will work with [Player] on the creative concept so that he learns what work is.“ (playing as female character)

Ronnie: „[missing player name], Do („do“ is written with capital letter) you already understand what is to generate brand value?“ Maybe Ronnie should be asking „do you already understand what it means to generate brand value?“  Please double check this I am not a native English speaker.


After the Value Propsition Canvas with Ronnie and asks you if you agree with the options, the Yes option is written „YEs


Truth or dare after Value Propsition Canvas with Ronnie:

Ronnie: „Verdad, a ver que me vas a preguntar…“


When meeting Malik, right after Celeste shows up:

Malik: „This is my main event! The bitter struggle between two strong women.“

Malik: „The one and only ANGIE JONES vs. CELESTE Oh! I think I run out o fair!“

Right after the above mentioned sentences of Malik, he has very similar text afterwards:

Malik: „I think the main event is going to be the fight between two stron women.“

Malil: „The one and only ANGIE JONES vs. CELESTE JAGGER.“


Angie: „Maybe you’re bitter that JAGGER is not the crazy, resentful one of the family.“ I think it is better if she would say „TREVOR“ since Celeste is Trevor’s sister ans also a Jagger.


In Celeste bio it is stated that she hates her brother Jagger. But it should say her brother Trevor or her brother Trevor  Jagger.

In generell I think it should say Trevor, especially when Celeste is involved.


After unlocking Celeste’s bio:

Angie: „JAGGER’s sister, and our headache since forever.“ I think it’s better when she addresses him as Trevor as stated above.

Player: „Aaaaan I’m Jom I mean, [missing player name].“ -also the word “Aaaaand“ is missing a „D“


Music stops after player asks herself/himself what to do. And after that:

Angie: „[missing player name], what are you doing?“


After the announcement oft he 3rd place:

Angie: “ ¡Vámonos! [Player name].“


Yu’s 3rd date:

Yu: „Hi, [missing player name], you have to read this, you have to read this.“

Yu: „Yes you did. Sometimes believing in someone is enough. See you, [missing player name], you are one of my closest friends.“

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Very nice improvements and new little things added like the scene writing with chalk on the backboard, alot of new backgrounds when choosing language. I am really happy about it. Nice job! :-)

I edited some older posts and added comments to it, like when certain things were fixed.

Here are my additional  findings as of now (21st July):

Sam asks you in Spanish if you want go back to the menu, when pressing „Back to title“ in Settings. It was English before.

Character creation texts are now in Spanish when playing in English.


In the prologue section Sam’s e-mail offer for internship says „Dxxr“.  Or is it something I do not know about?

In the very same e-mail she uses „Begonce Network“ and then „Internship begance“. Later in chapter 1 after meeting Gabriella for the first time the Player refers to it as „Begance Network“ when talking to Ronnie.  

Chapter select after prologue is also in Spanish. 

On the rooftop when Jagger talks to you alone the player name is missing from the text. Also first date with YU.


At the beginning of chapter 2, the player’s mother calls you „Son“ when playing a female character.

Greetings Team Akinaba,

I am happy to help. The early access was really fun and I wish you guys the best.  You can count me in for your next game :).

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My findings are fewer since I cannot load any savefile made after a certain point in chapter 3. So here they are (15th July):

A chapter select in the main menu for finished chapters would be nice.

It seems you do not earn any money for the store.

In the story you take pictures with your colleagues. It would be nice if you could unlock a Gallery mode with those pictures and the character models etc.


Chapter 2:

When loading a save file while taking pictures of Jesse the camera keeps moving as if it is still in camera mode. -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)


Chapter 4:

When Ronnie is showing you the picture/magazine the character shown has no eyebrows (only tested with male character).  -Edit (28th July): Eyebrows are also missing with female Player. It seems the Eyebrows are misplaced. To the right of the magazine at the lower half.

Celeste’s bio says that she is the director of Black Silk – the company is named Velvet on other occasions. Also in her bio she is referred as „his“.  -FIXED (tested 28th July)

Maybe it is better to just say „She hates her older/bigger brother Trevor Jagger.“


Chapter 5:

Missing names in text: When brainstorming with Yu, Yu after the scene with Angie being angry and disappointed, at the rooftop after picking one of 3 choices  

At the beginning somone says: „I understand Micheal.“ Even though the clients name is different.  

Yu ,Ruby, Angie are refered as he/his at the end.

I had more findings, but unfortunately I pressed backspace and all things I already typed were gone.

Edit: Remembered something that was lost: In chapter 4 (could already be in 3, but not sure) when Yu explains the brainstorming. The wording is so much better than in previous chapters.

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Here are my findings for today (14th July):

All findings in Chapter 3:

Main menu background flashing in the menu when saving at the train scene in the beginning of the chapter (like prevously mentioned in chapter 1). -Fixed/Workaround, you can save after the train scene (tested: 22nd July)

Missing names in the textboxes: After Player is allowed to join the project (Sam and Yu), after brainstorming session (Ruby), second day after truth or dare (Ronnie),  at the Eyesee event (Player, Angie).   Added a more detailed listing in newer post.

Missing names in the namebox, the missing names are not consistent. I had the case that the same scene did show the name and the other time the names would not show up. Sometimes the names disappear when you open up the smartphone menu. -FIXED (tested 22nd July),

After spinning the bottle Ruby says: "GT:Name} to YU!" -FIXED (tested 22nd July)

When asking what Yu hates the player says: "Wow, really? What's it about?" 3 times -FIXED (tested 22nd July)

On the second spin the Player can choose between Truth and Dare. Truth is written with a dot (Truth.). -FIXED (tested 22nd July)

After spinning the bottle for the second time (both truth and Dare) the screen starts shaking.

Celeste is being addressed as male in her bio. -FIXED (tested 22nd July)

Savegames that are made starting at some point during the Eyesee event can not be loaded. I also made a savegame at the beginning of chaper 4, but loading the file leaves me at a black screen. Edit (22nd July): Now works most of the time, but some save files can still not be loaded.

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Yesterday, I was really tired and skipped my report. I hope that all finding that I wrote on a sheet of paper are correct.

So here are my findings from 12th July:

In Angie's bio it is stated that she is 145 cm tall. I dunno if it is intended, but she seems taller than Yu. -CHANGED Angie is now 165 cm tall

All findings in Chapter 2:

At the beginning Angie says: "You don'tt (douple T) even know the clients..." -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

Later when meeting the clients Jesse says: "You are not you recording this right?" -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

The Jagger&Jones Brief refers Jesse as "her" and his mother as "he". -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

Following scenes in chapter 2 are missing character names in the nameboxes (black boxes): shortly after briefing, 2nd day after listening to Jesse's song, Yu's brainstorming session, at the end of the presentation (Sam). -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

Name missing in the following text itself (white textbox): (not sure who said it since name was not shown, I think it was Yu): "Huhu... HEY ALL, (missing name) HAS A PLAN!" -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

Othere scenes with missing names: scene with the Sprint or Design Thinking, Yu's brainstorming and at the end when going out with Yu.

Following text does not have the white textbox: "Come to me to the studio, we need to take the photo." -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

When shooting the photos, it is stated that 2 more photos were needed. After shooting one photo it says again that 2 are needed, instead of one last photo. -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

When designing with Ruby, you can not repeat the proposal. If you press repeat nothing happens and you can not go on and have to load a savegame. -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

I do not know if some of it are intended: When designing the cover and you choose the space background and the "many faces of Jesse" the result shows a black background and not the space one. Also that pink skull on the bottom right corner is not visible choosing the other pictures shows the skull. Choosing the 4x faces of Jesse also does not show the font.

At the end of the presentation: Spanish texts appears while playing in English. The text is: "Gracias, creo que con tu, ayuda mehe vuelto una estrella anu mas brillante."-FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

Error in text: Sam: "I'm telling you from experienceâ€;" -FIXED (tested: 22nd July)

At the end of Chaper 2 when going with Ruby sometimes the names of the textboxes are switched. Characters text is said by Ruby and Ruby's text is said by the character.

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I read that a new version with fixes is being uploaded. Unfortunately, I have to test the newest version tomorrow.

Her are my findings for today (11th July):

After the correcting the Godsbing photo Sam will offer you a macaron. The player characters name appears on top of it. In my case sometimes in pink color and sometimes in white. After the macaron picture fades away the name is visible for a second on screen. -FIXED (tested: 21st july)

On the same scene with the macaron: Sams name and the players name will not appear on the text boxes (the part with the black background). -FIXED

Gabrielle refers the restaurant as "Tacotex", but the restaurants design you make with Ruby says "Taco Tec". Later at the presentation it is referred as "Tacomex".

Edit (21st July): Gabrielle first says "Tacotec" then a few sentences later she says "Tacotex", Bio says "Taco Tec", New scene with backboard and chalk ays "Taco tec"

After designing the new Tacotex logo with Ruby. The designed picture is shown twice afterwards. The Restaurants name is then always blocked by the textboxes. I think it should be relocated higher so it shows the whole design including the font you chose.  -Thank you for listening. Restaurant's name is now visible.

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Hello again,

I really like this game even though I could not get far. I try my best to find as many things as possible. I really want this game to succeed. 

Is it better to edit the first post or make a new post for each report?

Here are my findings for today (10th July):

In Prologue when you decide to call uncle Bob and the screen turns black the characters teeth and eyelids are still visible on the left bottom corner (both male and female character).

On female character creation under "Facial" the lipstick on option 6 (blue lipstick) and 7 (silver lipstick) seems a bit missplaced. The Lipstick is not centered on the lips it looks like it is a few pixels off to the right. Option 9 seems to be not functional - it looks like option 1.   -Option 7 (silver lipstick) is fixed, Option 6 is better but still little bit off, Option 9 not functional (date tested: 21st July)

The mother calls you "Son" when playing a female character which was already mentioned by Razz ( -FIXED (date tested: 21st July)

When trying to save on the first screen in chapter 1 (the scene on the train) the background flashes between white and the main menu screen. -Fixed/Workaround: first possible moment to save is shortly after the train -in the elevator (tested: 21st July)

On the elevator when pressing floor 10 it says the floor is closed and a special key is needed, but the elevator opens and shows a office. I guess it should stay closed just like when pressing "RF"?

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This is a great game so far. I love the setting of the story and the designing parts of the game. I am sure the characters are great, too. 

Yesterday I posted my bug findings in another thread. But I thought I make my own thread and not spamming other threads with my findings. I will update my reports here as I play.

I am playing on 2 systems both running Windows 10. One is a PC and the other is a laptop with a touchscreen. I use my laptop for the main testing. I am sorry if my reports are unclear, badly worded or a case of bad grammar. English is not my first language. Please feel free to tell me if I should explain my findings better.

Just in case: SPOILER ALERT!

Here is my report for now (9th July):

Volume Setttings can not be changed. Text for the Volume settings is missing (Volume, Music, Sound & Voice) -Edit (28th July): Can be changed now. But once it has been changed to something that is not full it will be very difficult to rechange it. For Instance I have set BGM to 7 and it is very hard to change from 7 back to 10.

I reported that touching up the Godsbling photo did no recognize my mouse clicks, but that correcting it by using the touchscreen worked. With todays build of the beta, neither worked. I also tested it on my PC and the mouse clicks are not being recognized. I can not get past this point with the latest build. -the part to correct the photo was removed. I can now get past this scene.

Biography texts does not have paragraphs. It means the text is cut. Most of the time it ends with favorite food being cut. -FIXED

Some save files can not be loaded when choosing another language other than the one used when creating the file. For instance I saved while playing the game in English, but loading it while choosing Spanish will leave the screen black.

Edit (21st July): Loading with different language now works most of the time. Throughout chapter 1 it was in Angies office before you met Gabriella the first time and on the rooftop that I could load English and Portuguese, but loading that save in Spanish gave me a black screen. Note: it was always the very beginning of the scene that did not work. For Instance at the very first screen of the rooftop loading in Spanish did not work, but later when Sam appears it did (same location).

You can press right click on the screen and the settings menu will open once. After settings were opened and closed it can not be opened again by pressing right click. Except after loading a save file or after closing the game.

In Chapter 1 when meeting Ruby outside of work she tells you that she like to listen to punk music twice (on the first and second line of the text box). -FIXED

Sometimes she tells you that the company gifted you something in English and sometimes she says the same in Spanish "Te hab regalado este articulo! Se enviara inmediatamente a tu casa." -seems to be FIXED (I just tested it 5 times)

After Ruby tells you that the gift is being send to your home the game stops (it also unlocks a wallpaper). No new textboxes and menu/smartphone button on the upper left corner disappears. I can not get past this point with my old save file. -FIXED

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I hope it is alright if I post my findings here, too.

I also can not get past the Godsbling photo. I tested it to click the errors, but the game somehow does not register the mouse clicks.

One time it registers correcting the eye color the light in the background, the person on the right and the bird and the next time I tested it It does not register the light shaft the bird or the person on the right. The person on the left did not work at all.

The "Back to Title" Button does not work if you go into settings from the main menu. It does work, when you click Spanish language in the settings.

In Settings I could not change Speed and Volume (Music, Sound and Voice).

In Settings: Clicking on Spanish language (I play in English) opens up a Menu Button on the upper left corner. Clicking it opens the ingame menu (the smartphone screen).

I can not resume the game when saving from the mobile phone. The "X" Button does not work.

Biography texts does not have paragraphs. It means the text is cut.

I will try some more to get past the photo editing.

Edit: I play on a Laptop with Windows 10 in windowed mode. I tested it in fullscreen and the same errors occured as in windowed mode.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention that I have to click uptto 10 times on one error in the photo for the gane to register.

Edit 3: Sorry, I change my first Edit. I originally wrote that i play this on my PC, but its my laptop. 

The Laptop does have a touchscreen. Touching the errors on the screen in the photo instead of clicking with the mouse worked much better.

Might be a problem on my side, but other games are working so far.

Edit 4: In Settings Speed can be changed with the touchscreen. Music Sound and Voice also not working with touchscreen.

Edit 5: Sometimes the name box is empty (black). A few times characters have spanish text. in Chapter 1: After meeting Ruby outside of work it just stops. No text and I can not click anything.