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We plan to release Tame It! there at the end of this year, when it'll be near completion :)

Yes! We got reply from them that they are fixed the issue, so update AV and you may redownload tameit-0.4.0 as we removed 32-bit support from there. It was main source of suspicion from the antiviruses

Thank you for your support! ❤

Try to press Shift+G and force GL2 Renderer

Current version of the game uses binaries from the new Ren'py engine. It's just released so some AV don't know it yet. We already sent reports for false positive to couple of antiviruses (MS and Cyren) and they stated that they fixed detections. What antivirus do you use?

As I can see by current download counters, yes, all future updates will be available for download. But if I'm mistaken, please correct me

Hi! This bug was fixed in first day after release, please redownload game, it should be ok

Hi! There are new mechanics and minigame in version 0.3.0. It's a lot to do but we aiming to release it this month :)

Yes, we definitely will be on the Steam, but when at least half of content will be done. There will be news about it too 😁

Hi! We plan to, but only when Tame It will be almost done :)

We want to make the game to be accessible to the gamers all around the world, and make it not by just simple translation of scripts to emojis but integrating emojis into gameplay itself. We plan to open full potential of that idea later in the game and we hope you'll like it!

Thank you for your feedback 👍😊

Yes, if it shows screen "to be continued", it's the right ending 😊

Wow, so emotional! Thanks for feedback! It's sad, that you don't like feature with emoji. Emojis are one of main "Tame It" features and fully reveals at the later chapters of the game. Also we have many more aces in the sleeve for next chapters, so stay tuned 😁

Thank you for your feedback 👍😊

It's on the roadmap! Android version needs some testing and polishing, so we can't just release it, but plan to do it soon 👌😁

Thank you very much for your kind words and support and welcome to our Patreon! Stay tuned for our dev posts + work in progress for patrons 👍

Thank you for extended feedback, steering minigame actually in the small rework now, so we'll fix these issues in the next release :) 
Meanwhile next chapter is in the work, so stay tuned!

We are working hard on the next chapter :)