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New update will be released today and all updates are free for owners of the game :)

Hi! This bug was fixed in the version 1.0.1, update should help

Try to move your game folder out of protected directories like Desktop, check your antivirus as it may block writing functions of the game and make sure your user have write access to the game folder

The game can't create log file, maybe it doesn't have rights to create/write files on your system.  Do you play on Windows?

Hi! What error is this?

The bug with the map was fixed in 1.0.3, update your game if you have old or unofficial version

Yes, this problem was fixed in 1.0.1, if you started to play in earlier version, we can fix your save file, just send it to us in Discord or by email

Hi! Check lower left side of the rocky road to the lake

Thank you!

The prices on all sites are set in an equal level with Steam base price. When we participate in sales or lower prices, they also change on all platforms. Stay tuned :)

Hi! Check in the plane, at the passenger seats :)

Hi! Take note what Lee dreams about at nights, it hints of what to do next. I think you need to gift big fish or big fish mixed with honey to Cat to progress in that chapter, if I understood your progress correctly.

Thanks for the bug report!

Try to search at the corners in the cave and at the rocky road to the lake :)

Hi! We investigating this issue, if you send us your save file, we can fix it for you

Hi! Look at the plane, it's cloth from the plane passenger seats :)

Try to search at the corners in the cave and at the rocky road to the lake :)

You need to complete the map and make a copy of it, the story should move further after that :)

You can get Steam version and become our patron on Patreon, we'll update Android version there soon 🤔😊

Yes, this is the same version, only difference is that Steam have achievements :)

It's released! 😁🎉

It's released! 😁🎉

Hi! It contains file, but we just uploaded separate mac build for your convenience too :)

It's one-time purchase :)

Sad to hear it, let's try to find and fix this problem. Do you play on PC or Android? Newer versions crash or show some error message?

Hi! You can't get there yet, you need to progress your story further. Take a note what Lee dreams about, it hints of what to do next :)

Sad, but true :)

Thank you!  😍 The next update will be on Steam release :)

Hi! You need to look for more seaweed when you spent all you have, that's how it progresses :)

0.12.0 released!


Hi! You can make a new fishing pole in the crafting menu, in your house :)

Very soon, stay tuned :) works only with PayPal and Stripe, and Stripe doesn't work in our country. We're solving this issue!

Yes, new versions are available for free after purchase!

Thank you for your feedback! We prepared a very long scene for 0.13.0 version😊

This error has the same roots, but thanks for reporting!

As for save files, you can send it by email or to Asmodeev on our Discord server
Saves are stored in the `game/saves` directory, and named like `` where the first number is the number of page and the second number is the slot of the save. So 1-1-LT1 it's the first save on the first page, 1-2-LT1 is the second save on the first page, and so on.

Thanks! We added the fix to the game and it'll be in the next update. If you send us your save file, we can apply the fix to it too, so it'll work in the current version of the game😊

Ah, it was an old version, I see. Looks like you skipped part of the story and content 😅

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This is a problem! There shouldn't be any errors and you should have day time with her too. Maybe you have a save file at this moment to repeat it? Or the traceback.txt file in the game directory contains info about the error? It'll be good to fix it

Strange, those chapters should be unlocked when you complete them, you can't skip them normally 🤔

Yes, "fear", "rain" and "storm" are only available in chapter 5, while storm is raging

Check our Patreon page :)

Yep, and some words are contextual for events. For example word "Storm" exists only in the storm :)