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Hi! If you pick up the wrong cocktail, the guest leaves without telling their story to the end and without giving you a chance to see the bonus scene. In the game you can buy hints for hearts earned by serving customers :)

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We working on the next guest's story right now, but we can't say release date yet :)

Muito obrigado! 😘

The first android build was made for the version 0.6.1, if I remember correctly. Just get the latest version of the game, it includes all of the chapters :)

There is no save/load feature yet, but we plan to add it soon :)

We have an idea of what it could be and will try to solve it in the hotfix soon. But you may help if you send us a log from the game, the file Player.log in the directory C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\LocalLow\Manka Games\NB

Thank you for your feedback, it's very important to us 🥰

By fishing on a lake and by getting as a gift from Octa. Both chance rates are 10% :)

It can't be unlocked in an add-on, but only in the main game :(

You may use the chapter selector to return to the main game

Gift it to Cat :)

Try to disable scaling in your graphics card control panel. We've seen both AMD and NVIDIA has issues with it:

For AMD:

I went to AMD Radeon settings and under 'display' changed scaling mode from 'preserve aspect ratio' to 'full panel'. Worked perfectly for me. Games are running again.

For Nvidia:

I went into Nvidia Control Panel. This is where I changed "Aspect ratio" to "No scaling" on the Adjust desktop size and position page (with "perform scaling on Display"). Suddenly everything was okay again

Thank you for the report, we'll tune the quality settings in the next updates

Thanks! What is your phone model and Android OS version?

Hi! Do you play on Android?

They unlock as you progress through chapters of the game. If some of it is missing, try to restart the corresponding chapter through chapter selecter :)

Make her a present, check what Lee dreams about at nights, it should give a hint :)

Look for a cave under the mountain :)


1. Beach 

2. Cat

3. Octa 

4. Ruins

 5. Dragon bones 

6. Mountain 

7. Fish bones 

8. Camp 

Find a missing location :)

Cat is in the woods near the ruins, the passage to her in on the west from the camp

The first release will be the PC version, but after that we will focus on the mobile version. It will require a lot of optimizations and work on the controls :)

Tame It! on Nutaku has addon in it already. A button of the addon on the right side of the screen appears on the game completion :)

Hi! Check out this tutorial

Throw food she likes closer to Lee each time

No dates yet but we working as fast as we can ☺️

We're working on the next update :)

Check the lower left corner of the rocky road to the lake :)

What version of the game do you play? This bug was fixed some time ago :)

Killing the jaguar is not the end of the game. Check if you play older version of the game :)

You can get it by the story in the last chapter of the game, check your version :)

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Try something unexpected for a bait, like fruits :)

  • Add additional check to SOS location (thx Rann, sixtynine)
  • Try to fix rare sky bug
  • Fix German translation

Welcome! :)

Yes, version 1.1.2 will be released soon

Yes, the game have several scenes with it!

You play into very old version of the game, update it to the actual version :)

This one should be on the location with the plane, if I get you right :)

By gifts, learning new words and feeding girls regularly :)

All updates are free for the owners of the game :)

New update will be released today and all updates are free for owners of the game :)

Hi! This bug was fixed in the version 1.0.1, update should help

Try to move your game folder out of protected directories like Desktop, check your antivirus as it may block writing functions of the game and make sure your user have write access to the game folder