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Awesome! Cant wait

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Oh well it works well! My bad.


I saw the devlog and this looks much more interesting than I thought. I'm not really interested in making games but I am interested in these sorts of things so i'm going to redownload this and try to break it and find bugs. heheh Sorry I came in thinking it was a full game 😅

Cool game, i like that everything is made of cubes. It's basically 3D galaga. It would be cool if you could add some sort of powerups that increased the rate of fire or the movement speed. This game has potential!

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I dont understand what you are supposed to do...

I agree there should be more upgrades to bases like concrete or brick.


When you buy a weapon it should turn into a pickup

i think thats for respawning When Your stuck or glitched.

Im really   enjoying the game so far! Keep it up! Im currently playing on the  ps4 version. When will online multyplayer come?