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this game was SO cool. the concept was great and the art fit the aesthetic perfectly. i agree with the other reviewer that the news feed was super hard to read, tho. i really liked getting to play as both characters and the hacking sequence was fun too. great job!!!

hi i cant leave a super long review bc the font on this page fucks with me but this was a great game. i ended it wanting more - the mini games were fun the dialogue felt so real. the people were interesting and i loved the tidbits of lore <333

brooo whyd u spoil it :'(((

omg this has to be the most beautiful game available on this website. i feel like i experienced the full range of human emotion during my playthrough. the characters are amazing - i grew attached to even the smallest side-characters. the writing is absolutely gorgeous, the relationships and feelings around them feel so real. i would die for so many people in this game sklhjlkdhf the plot is so interesting, the world is full and complete. LtGBtK owns my entire soul.

yooo this was such a cool game. great atmosphere, interesting story. i really enjoyed the process of searching the room and piecing together everything that had happened to and between the characters. well done!

pls this game was SO cute. the cat is such a little troll. i think having different levels of difficulty might help - it took me a few tries to get the table setting right, which i thought was funny but might frustrate other players. but srsly, such a fun and adorable game! reminded me of unpacking, but with cat ;3

even tho the story is short, you definitely managed to pack a punch. the voice acting was great, the emotions felt very real and overall, the game is 100% worth a download! 10/10 totally loved it.