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Okay, thank you for the info and good day at you! :D

Hi! Sorry at bother you but   I would like to know if an update is planned (the voice acting for Lilah), please?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but what will the game's price, please?

Thank you so much for all this infos! <3

I wish you good luck for the dlc and booklet.

Sorry if this is a strange question but which LI has the wholesome/less darker route, please? 
(If you don't mind, can you make a list from least dark to most dark?)

PS: Sorry for my bad english... 

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Okay, thank you for responding so quickly and thank you too for creating such a good game! <3


I bought the game a few days ago and I just saw that there is an update since. The problem is that when I click on download I have two choices: one says version 4 but is 10 days old, and the other has no version but is 8 days old. 

What is the difference, please, knowing that the platforms and names for both are the same?

My deepest condolences. And please   take all the time you need.

Ah, okay. Thank you for answer me! ^^

There are none epilogue for Michael?

Thank you for answer me! <3

No problem, you're very welcome! :D

I am interested in subscribing to the mailing list but the form is not as usual: I have the possibility to edit the questions on the form, and when I click on "send" it opens a window as if I wanted to send the form itself and not my answers.

How many chapters in total have you planned, please?

Oh, nice! :D

Congratulation for finish the game! :D

One small question though: will you be realising a guide to all the different epilogues and CGs, please?

Oh, I understand better now. Thank you for answer me so fast! <3

Sorry for the stupid question, but   what is the difference between  the market and pc version, please?

In the content disclaimer, I see that there are  tentacle sex.   Will the tentacle sex scene be avoidable, please?

Thank you so much for all this info! <3

Your game looks really cute! <3

I have a question before I play it: is the protagonist in this game the same as the one in Lovewood, please?

Congratulations on the translation of the game into Russian! I hope that new players will discover your amazing game! :D

I loved your world, and Harold and Faraday, and I hope one day to find them in a sequel. <3

I've never played Cyberpunk 2077. Do I need to have played it to understand what's going on in your game, please?

Oh, that's a pity indeed... :(

Hello. I would like to buy the game on Steam but I would like to know if the DLC is included, please?

Okay, thank you so much for answer me! <3

If I understand correctly, I just have to download the game and I will have direct access to the Patreon content?

You're very welcome! ;) And thank you for answer me.

Sorry at bother you but I have a question: Is it a demo or  the full game, please?

Voted 2. I think it makes much more sense, especially if you want to do a perfect run. You could also implement the hearts/brocken hearts as an option to enable/disable? I think that way everyone would be happy!

Okay, thank you! I wasn't sure if the info on the Patreon page was up to date. 

I think I'll wait for James' side story to come out before I sign up for Patreon, especially since I just found out that a game I've been waiting for has just come out unexpectedly!

Anyway, thank you for answering me and good luck for the rest! ^^b

Sorry at bother you but   is the Side Story for James released, please?

Thank you so much for the new CGs! <3

You're welcome! ;)

Thank you.

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Is the game fully ou partially voiced, please? I just want to know if it's normal that there are non-voiced lines or if it's just a mistake (which is perfectly understandable, you had just released the Revamp).

It depends on whether you have 64-bit or 32-bit Windows.

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What?! What happened when you just announced the release of the next chapter on the 7th?

I can understand if the next chapters are months or even years away, but to stop all of a sudden makes me really sad...

Oh, I love slow  burning romance! <3

  I recently played Dimitri so I will wait a while and play other vn's before playing James to better appreciate his route.

I play the normal version too but   I haven't played the James route yet, I just saw in the Tailor Tales Plus description that there was a longer epilogue for each route.

I played just the Dimitri one and found the ending satisfying even without the Plus version, so it's a shame if that's not the case for James... :(