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Thank you very much! <3


Will there be a guide available, and if so, when please?

Félicitations ! :D

J'ai une petite question cependant: est-ce que le guidebook sera plus tard disponible à l'achat ?

Thank you so  much for the update! <3

Ok, thank you so much! <3

Oh, I see. Thank you so much ! <3

Hello. Sorry at bother you but I would like to know when the DLCs take place, please. 

Is it at the end of the game, or at a particular point in the game?

Thank you for your answer.

And for the NSFW Bonus,   is it just audio or is it written too, please?

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Hello. Sorry at bother you  but I would like to know the difference between the Patreon version and the Itch version, please. 

Does the Patreon version have exclusive content or is it the same as the Itch version?

And for the Soundtrack+NSFW Bonus,   is the  NSFW Bonus audio or written? If it is audio only, is it possible to have a transcript, please?
I ask this because unfortunately if it's exclusively audio I can't understand.

Hello. I can't download the game or the Mini Artbook, there are no download links displayed. And if I click on Paypal or Credit Card, I get this error message: There was an error generating the download URL, please try again.

I've played your amazing VN I don't know how many times but I just thought for the first time that I don't know what "La yaeuhg xa zaena" means. It's in the scene where MC is in the cave with Alkar and Omen and not in a relationship with either of them.

Sorry if the question has already been asked several times but I can't find the answer to what "La yaeuhg xa zaena" means anywhere.

Can you, or anyone else who knows, tell me the translation, please?

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you so much   for the detailed answer! <3

Hello. I would like to know if you advise a specific order for the routes or if it doesn't matter, please?

Okay, thank you so much for answer me so fast! :D

Hello. I have just pre-ordered the book and I would like to know if the fact that I pre-ordered it will give me access to the supporter exclusive version, please?

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Oh, I see! Is it the even wallpapers that for the Lore Book pre-order?

Sorry at bother you, but if I don't pre-order now, will the price increase after the end of pre-order?

Okay. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all my questions! :D

Oh, I see.

Does the full main story end in a cliffhanger without the epilogues? Sorry if my question is weird but I'm following several visual novels and fanfics that are still in progress and for which I'm eager to know the rest, so I'm looking for something interesting that is "finished" (in the sense that the main story is complete) and your game, even if it's in beta, meets all the criteria.

Hello! I have a small question about the beta: are the routes complete (main story + epilogue), please?

Okay, thank you! <3

Hi! Is it possible to know which routes contain   dub/non-con or voyeurism, please?   And if it happens only in the bad ends?

What are their favorite seasons?

Okay, thank you so much for answer me! :D

Hello! Sorry at bother you but can I have a summary of the game, please? It's just to know the premise of the game and what it's all about.

Sorry at bother you, but when you say that you wish they were together, do you mean that no matter if it's the good or bad end they don't stay together?

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Hi! Sorry at bother you but I noticed some mistakes in Albion's route:

- "Tem certeza?" (Albion says this while I play the English version of the game. This is when Anna proposes to continue creating the medicines while Albion prepares Lord Gavin's visit)

- "Master's Kalian awkward comment" (It should be Master Kalian's. It is when Anna and Albion are about to leave the camp and Kalian asks if they had a good night.)

- "Isso é horrivel!"  (The phrase is not in English. This is when Tessa learns what Anna saw at the camp).

Otherwise I really enjoyed playing it even if I only did Albion's route (I might do Kalian's route later but if so I think Albion will remain my favorite! XD). The plot was interesting, the music was nice to listen to, I like the design of the different characters and the BGs and CGs that I could see were beautiful.

Thank you so much for creating and sharing your game! <3

Hello. Sorry at bother you, but  does this version (which includes the 3 Anicon games) also exist on Steam, please?

Thank you!

Hello. Are all the images from this artbook available on the team's Patreon, please?

I hesitate between this artbook (I already own the other one and was a Patreon 2 times in 2021 and 2022) and the OST hence my question.

Hello. The part 2   is released too , please?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but what will the game's price, please?

Thank you so much for all this infos! <3

I wish you good luck for the dlc and booklet.

Sorry if this is a strange question but which LI has the wholesome/less darker route, please? 
(If you don't mind, can you make a list from least dark to most dark?)

PS: Sorry for my bad english... 

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Okay, thank you for responding so quickly and thank you too for creating such a good game! <3


I bought the game a few days ago and I just saw that there is an update since. The problem is that when I click on download I have two choices: one says version 4 but is 10 days old, and the other has no version but is 8 days old. 

What is the difference, please, knowing that the platforms and names for both are the same?

My deepest condolences. And please   take all the time you need.