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I found 2 errors in Ren's Chapter 4:

- pointed at bike

- be able to get our

Not many Ren in this new chapter but the plot is getting thicker... The chapter was too short, I can't wait to know what happens next! :D

I have a question about kickstarter. Is it a monthly amount (as for Patreon) or is it just once?

Awesome! Can't wait for 16.11! :D

Thanks, I understand better now! :)

I also have another question. How many GGs are there for each character, please?

Okay, thank you! I can't wait December! XD

I haven't played Doc's route yet but when I read your dev log for the CGs, I don't see any CGs for Doc in the list...

 Will you add CGs for his route in a future update?

This is the first time I have played WTNC and I have a comment about the transition between Chapter 8 and 9. 

There is a large part of the end of Chapter 8 that is repeated at the beginning of Chapter 9, unlike the other chapters where there are 2 or 3 sentences. I find that this breaks the flow of the story when it was not the case with the other transitions.

Do you plan to reduce the number of repeated sentences for the beginning of Chapter 9 in a future update?

Are you thinking of doing a walkthrough or guide now that the game is over?

It is a bit contradictory that Chayton is both a well-liked character and a least-liked character...

But thank you for this dev log! :)

Wow, it's a lot of chapters! Good luck! b^^

I already own the Galactic Conspiracies series in my own language (French), but the swag pack really interests me! :)

Do you have an estimate of how many chapters in all there will be, please?

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Hi and sorry for the for the delay! I tried again today and I didn't have any problems, I don't know how I managed not to do it a few days ago... I must have been tired! XD

PS: I forgot to say that I really enjoyed your game and don't regret the time spent playing it. Thank you so much for creating and sharing your game! :D

I understand better now, thank you very much for these explanations. :D

(I fully understand that now it is too late to change the spelling.  Unless I change in my own version of the ebook "Razix" to "Razyx" to avoid asking myself the same question a few months or years later... XD)

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I know that Razix is present in the Galactic Conspiracies series (I remembered that there was a Regulan), but I just read again Volume 2 and considering how the book ended, I can only assume that Human Cargo takes place before the series?

Because if not, then it's either another Razix or the content of the book has changed since I bought it.

I can't download the new version even though I already paid for the first version. ..

Can someone help me, please?

Hi! Sorry at bother you but think you maybe do a guide/walkthrough please?

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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I really loved Zed's route. Thank you so much for creating this game! <3

PS: An idea of when the route for Doc will be available?

You're very welcome! :D

I also wanted to ask you if you wrote fanfics or original stories in English, because I find the plot of The Neptune Diaries really interesting and I am curious to read others of your writings.

I hadn't played your game at all before the release of Chapter 3 but now I'm hooked and I looking forward to the next chapter! :D

I also wanted to tell you that in chapter 3, during the scene where Ren paints, there is a sentence where it says Ran instead of Ren.

Thank you so much for creating this game and sorry for my bad english!.

I'm really interested in your game, but what's holding me back is the dub-con. The dub-con is "mandatory" no matter which route I take?

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Oh I see. 

I chose the least "flirty" answer with everyone except Victor, and starting from the 3rd week I offered a gift AND went on a date with Victor each time, but I always had a jealousy scene.
But if it's "mandatory" then I understand why I couldn't avoid having a jealousy scene! :)


Is there necessarily a jealousy scene? I'm on the Victor's Route and every time I come across a jealous scene and I was wondering if it came from me or not...

Hi! I have a question: Is there a way to enlarge the screen size? The size is really small I find...

Thank you so much for this game! <3

But I have a question, please: the Happy Ending of Harse is a "best happy" ending that the Gentle Ending, right?

PS: Sorry for my bad english.