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Hi! Normally should show you separate buttons for each files that can be downloaded, so you can check if you've clicked "download" for the booklet too. But if that's not working for some reason, you can email me at and I can share the booklet file with you directly!

There's no linux build (I don't have access to linux so I wouldn't be able to test any builds, and I'd feel bad releasing something potentially completely broken), but from what I understand either the Windows or Mac version should work in virtual machines/emulators? I don't know much about linux though, so I could be wrong.

I've been trying to look into the issue but I think it's an engine issue and not something I'm able to fix :/ The only potential solution to try I can think of is to keep your number of saves low in case it's a file size issue (so like, overwriting/deleting your oldest saves instead of using a new slot every time).
Sorry this is happening, and sorry I can't help much!

Thank you so much! I'm planning a game where Silas is a love interest and you get to meet his friends :) The protagonist won't be this game's "buddy", but they'll make a return still.

Thank you so much! I plan to make more games in this setting so it gives me so much motivation to read this, haha

Thank you for playing! Yes, the idea is that there's different degrees of being a thinblood and the blood dilutes with each generation; so the sire is a thinblood who isn't quite as messed up as the protagonist :')

Ah I'm really happy you enjoyed it enough to want to write a comment :) thank you so much!

Thank you <3 I do love VtM!

thank you <3

thank you! I'm so glad you like him haha

thank you! I actually have a future VN planned with Silas as a love interest and other things in this setting :)

I'm really glad :') thank you for your comment!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts (and don't worry, your English is perfectly clear)!
I'm really glad you enjoyed Emrys's route and that the moral implications of it felt compelling! I hope you'll enjoy Aerona's route as well, she offers a different angle on your past and how to move forward! I'm also glad you like her art, she's also my favourite out of the character designs :)
Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write this comment, I really appreciate it <3

It could indeed be the saves! The game checks for a "DLC enabled" variable to play the DLC scenes, so your saves from the free version would have this variable set to false and would fail to trigger the scenes... Sorry about that!
Have you tried starting a new game in the DLC version and choosing "Start from another chapter" to start from chapter 3? That should let you see the DLC scenes without having to replay chapters 1 and 2!

I'm so glad you noticed all those things haha :') The full game will definitely have more sex scenes that aren't just PiV, especially in Kyros's scenes!
You can indeed romance all three characters or just two, all poly combinations will be possible and have their own ending!
Thank you so much for enjoying the demo and sharing your thoughts <3

Ah that's really weird! If you email me at (using the same email as your account or attaching your payment receipt so I can check you bought the game), I can give you a link to the booklet!

I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

I think those CGs must be the SFW alt versions of the adult scenes? So unfortunately there's nothing very exciting to figure out, they'll get unlocked by just setting the game to SFW mode and replaying those scenes :') I'm considering presenting the gallery in a different way to avoid this kind of confusion!

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you liked the characters and Wooly in particular <3

I haven't heard of that happening to other players! Though there are a lot of issues on Mac :'( This link has different ways to solve this issue:

(and if neither of these work and you'd like a refund, you can email me at with your payment receipt!)

thank you so much! I also really wish there were more visual novels in that niche, so I'm trying to do my part and contribute haha. I'm glad you're loving the characters!

you can email me at! either use the same email connected to the payment service you used or just show me your receipt, and I'll give you the booklet file!

the in-game content is still uncensored and hasn't changed! I just censored the screenshots to be safe/avoid showing adult content to people clicking on the page by accident.

aah thanks for letting me know :')

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm also super happy to hear some praise for Rhain, I think he's the LI who flies under the radar the most but I love him :')

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Your thoughts on Aerona make me really happy, I'm glad her characterisation came through and made you emotional! Also super happy to hear you like the NSFW DLC, it's important to me to make female gaze content and for the adult scenes to reinforce the story themes and add to the emotional intimacy!

Getting to see Yi Kai's journey through and come back to Aerona would just be too good :') I wanted the final choice to feel difficult, there's no "right" choice and if you care about the characters every choice might have a downside.

Oh wow I didn't know! It's such a kind review, I was so happy and blushing reading it :') thanks for sharing it with me!

haha every game I make will always have at least one <3

Oh that sucks, I'm not sure why that might be happening!  You might want to check the app's Write permissions if you're on Mac. If you're on Windows you might want to look into the save files (there should be a Saves folder inside the The Hero's Journey_Data folder) and see if things disappear when you quit the game.

Aw I'm so glad to hear that T_T

Oh I'm glad it worked out in the end! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it'll stick with you :)

Aw thank you! I'm glad to hear your friends love the game (and Beca!) too <3

Have you tried enabling "Read & Write" permissions on the game? This is usually the issue on Mac if you can't get past CGs (also if you can't save or change anything in the settings). You can check the permissions of the game by right-clicking and selecting "Get Info".


I'm so happy you feel so strongly about your choices and the characters :') Leaving Emrys and Beca behind to take the Sun path is a hard choice for sure! I cried when I wrote Beca's scenes on the Sun path sometimes, I love her and it's hard to write her and Emrys as antagonists T_T I think it makes it all the more heartfelt and sweet when you do take the Star path and get to have them by your side though!
Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts and feelings!

Ah I'm glad you liked it! I'm also hungry for that sort of content so I'm trying to do my part to bring some more into the world :')

aw thank you, I'm really glad to hear that!

aw I'm glad! I also get more and more excited to release the extended demo as I make more progress on it, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts on the new content!

He does also have four, but I just checked the script and it seems I forgot to make one of them unlock in the gallery. I'll make a fix for this soon! Thanks for letting me know!

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :) I love VNs/games that have drastically different paths too, it's really thought-provoking to see the same story from different perspectives!
I think Emrys is a little easier than Solas haha

You can send me an email at and I'll give you the booklet file! Just use the email connected to your paypal/what you used to buy the game so I can check your purchase :)

Thank you :)