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My DLCs disappeared. Do I have to buy them again?

Hey, two questions.

I want to play on mobile, would this be the site to buy the android game? (DLC)

Also, I can't find any information on the other romantic options. I am I blind or will they be coming later or have they been scrapped? Sad if they've been scrapped, but I'm here for the Cove story regardless.

Super excited to play this soon!

Hope everything is ok. Looking forward to what comes out, and I'm pretty sure people appreciate the care you put into this, rather than rushing it, so thank you. All the best.

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This game breaks my heart. When will i be able to possess it?!?! I love it, I've played the demo 7 times today. The only gripe I have is it's a bit difficult to play on mobile, the 'button' not being sensitive enough. But tbh just happy it's on mobile, it's how I've managed to play it 7 times today! Lol can't wait for November. 

When has step four been moved to now? I couldn't find that information. No wait, I found it, but don't get it. So step 3 will be delayed as well now? Or was that always going to be delivered later? Sorry I'm confused.

Woop woop. All sounds awesome!

So the release is now November 2nd, 2020 for Steps 1-3 + three DLCs. When will step 4 be out or is that an unknown? Will it only be step 4 "held back" or will there be other DLC too?

Hope the bar tender is dateable!

Do you plan on doing a soundtrack? Or have you already? I've not found it if you have. I'm in love with most of the songs, and would be awesome to have them. I've listened to the spring and winter tunes non stop on YouTube.