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I really liked the art direction ! Had some hard time at first though.

Cool game !

I meant a follow up to your game ^^" Like continuing to develop it

Really challenging game, but I had some problems where I got showed out of the way by ... nothing ?
The way you applied the theme is not far from the way I did mine so I can only say 5/5 stars :P

Got up to score 28, cool game, do you plan on doing some follow up ?

Yeah I never got to fully kink out some of collision detection, even before losing some of my code :/

Technically you got to the end, I just didn't have time to code it again.

Have'nt tried you game yet , but I did watch the trailer today at work, it looked really atmospheric ! I'm still not sure if it is an horror game, a puzzle game or an arena fighting game XD

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Just only now saw there was no way to have a description on the submission page so here :

Position : sitting down.

Main interaction button : Grip ( after when you click on the second board, even if there is no feedback )

Game created during the VR Super Jam.

Music by Michelle Lugo.

Disclaimer : due to unforeseen circumstances I'm uploading a previous iteration which has little to no actual game, only mechanics. I hope to be able to restore the rest of the game by end of the Jam. EDIT: I wasn't.

Rest of description :

The goal of the player is to arrive to the last platform ( currently where there is a "the end" board.

The player has to step on platforms of the opposite color unless he wants to go back to the start or latest checkpoint. He can get a way to switch colors. ( later it would had a maximum number of uses, as it is I left it at an high count... )

I just finished writing my comment on the older submission ><".

Glad I won't have to play on the stairs again :P

Good game !

Hello, I quite liked the concept ! The concept seems really fun to play for a longer time, I unfortunately couldn't keep playing too long because I had to play on the stairs down.

I'm not sure if it was a problem with the game or with my setup ( Quest 2 with virtual desktop, but also OVR, which I reset but who knows ) I'l guess I'll know when I test other entries.

So what happened is my starting height was fixed in a way that made picking up objects impossible unless going under the floor... So the stairs ;)

Really fun game even with this inconvenience !

I just tried it on virtual desktop and it works ( with some... peculiarities  which may or may not come from my setup, i'm not sure) but I guess you are standalone bound ?

Really great news, happy to see the labels !

Are you still working on this? I played it quite some time, and I really like it !

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In the exportation files will there be the districts names ?

edit : BTW great job, it's amazing !

Bloody hoe of HIV ...