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I tried out the "Crush Crisis without sound" and it encountered the same error as before.

I also tried to install the game through Itch's app on linux as you suggested but sadly that produced the same error as well.

As for the Linux Ubuntu support only it might be worth noting that Linux Mint is a variant of Ubuntu. Specifically Linux Mint 19.2 (the version I am running) is based off of Ubuntu 18.04 which should be recent enough to not be an issue. 

Thank you for taking the time to help me fix this issue, I appreciate it.

The test game seems to run fine. 

I'm on Linux Mint 19.2 and after I select a language the game goes black and does not progress. I ran it in a terminal and got the following output:

function AutotileExpander(){}function GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage(t,e,i,r,o,s,n,a,h,l){var u=GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage.sourceOriginX,c=GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage.sourceOriginY,d=GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage.originX,p=GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage.originY;t.drawImage(e.image,u+n,c+a,h-n,l-a,d+i,p+r,h-n,l-a)}function GSAutotileExpanderDrawLeftTopSmall(t,e,i,r){GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage(i,r,t,e,t+Math.floor(Math.floor(tw/2)),e+Math.floor(th/2),0,th,Math.floor(tw/2),th+Math.floor(th/2))}function GSAutotileExpanderDrawRightTopSmall(t,e,i,r){var o=2*tw+Math.floor(tw/2),s=th,n=o+Math.floor(tw/2),a=s+Math.floor(th/2);GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage(i,r,t,e,t+Math.floor(tw/2),e+Math.floor(th/2),o,s,n,a)}function GSAutotileExpanderDrawLeftBottomSmall(t,e,i,r){var o=3*th+Math.floor(th/2),s=0+Math.floor(tw/2),n=o+Math.floor(th/2);GSAutotileExpanderDrawImage(i,r,t,e,t+Math.floor(tw/2),e+Math.floor(th/2),0,o,s,n)}function GSAutotileExpanderDrawRightBottom

TypeError: Failed to set the 'buffer' property on 'AudioBufferSourceNode': The provided value is not of type 'AudioBuffer'.
    at (chrome-extension://ioalcooaennldalinlimlojkblkjholm/data/ENGINE.js:1:43028)
    at (Main_107.js:3590:18)
    at AudioManager.playMusic (Main_107.js:3924:28)
    at Object.Component_CommandInterpreter.commandPlayMusic [as execute] (Main_107.js:20454:32)
    at Component_CommandInterpreter.executeCommand (Main_107.js:14979:26)
    at Component_CommandInterpreter.update (Main_107.js:14504:16)
    at Object_Scene.Object_Base.update (Main_107.js:32671:21)
    at SceneManager.ObjectManager.update (Main_107.js:1201:18)
    at SceneManager.update (Main_107.js:2419:44)
    at Main.updateFrame (Main_107.js:44663:18)
    at Main_107.js:44987:24
    at i (chrome-extension://ioalcooaennldalinlimlojkblkjholm/data/ENGINE.js:1:80963)


working as designed and is needed to beat some levels.

Fun game but for the life of me I can't figure out 34/35 no bridge

I didn't see much/any of that happen. Some of my units turned purple but I just thought that was because they were damaged. I didn't notice them turn against me and if they did then they weren't very impactful. I feel kind of silly having missed the point of the game. Thanks for the reply.

Game was short and not too tough but fun. Not sure exactly how it relates to the theme of the jam though.

Not a super tough game once I figured out to just point the gun behind me and fly in a straight line tapping ctrl for speed. Kicking on the shield or the boost is a great panic button and I got 76 kills before I got killed on my first try once I started doing this. Thanks for making the game, MattBolere.

Nice game and I appreciate the linux and web support. My only major issue is that enemies spawning in can kill me without warning.

You run UW_v0.5.3.x86_64 which comes in the zip along side the UW_v0.5.3_Data folder. You might need to go into properties and give it permission to be executed as a program. I hope this helps.